Kroot painting?

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Kroot painting?

Post#1 » Jan 11 2018 07:50

Hey there!

I ordered some kroot just for fun and was wandering what the best way to paint them would be.
I do own an airbrush and I want to make it fairly quick in a greenish/brownish way. (a bit like nurgle)

any advice?

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Re: Kroot painting?

Post#2 » Jan 11 2018 11:39

Since they shape and change according to what they eat you can go crazy on this. lets say they eat the wild life of a planet where they Evolved to blend with their purple enviroment, they could be purpleish too. You can make them anyway you like to blend with your army. I will probably paint mine a really pale green almost white for a winter themed army.

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Re: Kroot painting?

Post#3 » Jan 11 2018 11:58

If you want it quick and easy for green/browns you can base coat the model green fill in the brown parts and put on a wash over the whole model and you are pretty well done with the body and have something that looks nice. You can add in some dry brushing the original green/brown for a bit of natural highlights. Looks sharp and is pretty quick if you do a heavy wash over the whole model and find one wash you like for both the brown and the green.
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Re: Kroot painting?

Post#4 » Jan 11 2018 01:32

All my armies fight on desert worlds so mine will be graveyard earth undercoat, desert sand layers with the spines/quills, bonny plates and beak that creamy bone colour I can never remember the name of. they'll blend into my Tau, Imperial & Tyranids.

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Re: Kroot painting?

Post#5 » Jan 11 2018 03:13

Kroot take washes very well - Agrax Earthshade is your friend. I went through amazing amounts of the stuff putting together my kroot horde. Obviously if you are on a different colour palette for your kroot (and with their variable biology pretty much anything goes that looks good) then use a different wash.

I think an airbrush would be a really viable way to batch paint kroot, I did not have one when I was putting my massed carnivores together but if I were to tackle more now I would:
Zenithal highlight
Detail paint
Mask / Airbrush contrast colour on the quills/crest
Tidy up details, highlight if still required to make them pop

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