Tau in the Jungle (Compilation of the ideas so far...)

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Tau in the Jungle (Compilation of the ideas so far...)

Post#1 » Jan 26 2018 12:11

Hi, I've been wondering about colour scheme for my Tau army and I wanted to make it look that whoever will look at them will immediately get the "jungle vibe". I've seen many paint schemes that were jungle-ish, but those were entirely green. I'm looking for green to be a main colour with a splash of something else. The colours I've used so far are red and grey, though a lot of people say grey would be better as red would make it "too Christmas-y". So far I've been throwing the colours at the Fire Warrior at the Bolter and Chainsword painter and so far, I've got this: https://imgur.com/a/EkPvv (my idea) and this: http://bit.ly/2BpLx7c (from RusherZero on reddit). The shade of green I'm looking for could be a bit deeper, but for idea purpose it's okay. The teal was slapped on to stand out (doesn’t feel right for me either), but I’ve heard that yellow would be much better. The white bits on the gun and hands and feet are white because I had no idea how to approach with the colours to match with the armour, though I was thinking of the gun barrel to have simple light grey/gunmetal with a delicate glaze of Guilliman Blue to give off the “alien metal vibe”. As for the bases, if you have the Citadel Paint app (for reference and to see exactly what I want, if not check the links below) they have “paint bases” section, which have bases I’ve been thinking on using without using shades/colours provided there (Nuln Oil or Agrax Earthshade) and to use other ones (like Athonian Camoshade, Coelia Greenshade, glaze of Waywatcher Green or Biel-Tan Green) and finish them with a drybrush of (for example) Dawnstone or Niblet Green instead of Tyrant Skull. And to accommodate the idea with the “wetness” use the bases like: Wet Mud Urban Debris Mud Wasteland Blighted Tundra Urban Overgrowth with swapping the colours mentioned above to provide the “jungle-ish vibe” I’m going for, with either the effect of “wet mud in the jungle” or “overgrown ruins” bases ALSO: I’m not planning on doing the camo patterns on anything small and for now in general as I don’t have enough experience to do so. So, any comments, suggestions, ideas?

LINKS Tau model colour ideas (https://imgur.com/a/kMdas) Tau model bases ideas (https://imgur.com/a/Bed1C)

REDDIT POSTS (for all the brainstorm so far): https://redd.it/7s0p01 https://redd.it/7s0p0j https://redd.it/7s0p14 https://redd.it/7s0p1i

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Re: Tau in the Jungle (Compilation of the ideas so far...)

Post#2 » Jan 26 2018 02:57

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