More of my painted: Now Based! Yeah! (big pics)

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Y'he Sha'is
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Post#19 » Nov 23 2006 07:31

The nice bases make a great change for the better. Nice work.

I especially like your vehicle: clean and classic!

My only question is its weapon layout: is that a BC I see on the front?
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Post#20 » Nov 23 2006 11:12

Those bases really bring them to life again I really like your SS
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Fal'Shia Mont'Ka Vendrak
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Post#21 » Nov 23 2006 06:37

Very nice models! Especially with the bases...looks very good :smile:
I really really like the liquid effect on the Stealth Suits ;)
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Post#22 » Nov 23 2006 09:16

Y'he Sha'is wrote:My only question is its weapon layout: is that a BC I see on the front?

Hehe yeah, but this tank is primaraly used as a Devilfish anyway, and is only used as a HH when I want to use 2, which is not very often as Im really fond of broadsides :nice:
thanks for the feedback!
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Post#23 » Nov 23 2006 11:21

Wow, I'm genuinly surpised at how much better they look with the new bases. Certainly no complaints with how they looked originally, but the new style really improves the look of the whole figure.


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