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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

Post#19 » Nov 13 2013 05:09

While the Kor'vattra and piratical fighters clashed, a mere two thousand kilometers away the cloaked corvette moved into it's final position over the human city-ship. A small vessel, relatively, it had nothing by means of protection save the overlapping energy fields that ensured compete secrecy on every single spectrum.

It's structure and design was alien, one of the few remaining Tarrellian vessels that had brought that species refugees across thousands of light cycles before joining the Tau Empire. It had been carefully chosen by the High Architect of the Earth Caste to be outfitted with the cloaking device after the Tarrellians had displayed their cybernetic symbiosis with so much of their technology. With the reptilian humanoids minds, the cloaking fields could be regulated perfectly and adapt organically to situations no computer could.

It's purpose was known to only six individuals in the fleet and the paltry thirty that crewed it. All which answered directly to the Water Caste rather than the Shas'Ar'Tol.

Thirteen warriors held fast to it's matte hull, like parasites on the side of some great silent predator. They looked 'up' as the human vessel disgorged an unending hail of boarding vessels too and from the beleaguered Selim, it's juntas side burning.

An'yr read her HUD as it painted holographic details across her vision, finding reason to the madness that eclipsed space. The enemy vessel, at it's core, from the gue'la Imperial navy but had long been patched together with different craft and parts resembling a greenskin vessel. The heat signature alone, coupled with the radiation estimates, meant that even brief exposure on board the ship would be hazardous.

"Our armor will protect us but I've also issued iodi'm into the team's stimm packs." Team Leader Kass'm said in her ear over the comms. She glanced at him, briefly wondering if telepathy could be something the commando had forgotten to tell her about.

"You've thought of everything." She said, turning to look at him.

"We are prepared as much as we can be, Shas'Vre."Behind his featureless visor with it's camera pod on the left half of his face, An'yr would still know this warrior was the commando teams leader.

He was big, physically imposing, with personalized armor like all of unit but it was something more. It was the way the eleven other members reacted around him. As they drifted in near zero-g, they maintained a perimeter about Kass'm, their focus dedicated to executing any order he might issue. In turn, he obeyed her as though she were the voice of Aun'Va himself.

"Are you confidant in this plan?" Her own voice strained for a moment. Thirteen warriors against untold thousands of cannibalistic gue'la was a tall order.

Kass'm answered without doubt or hesitancy, "Statistics indicate this an impossible mission, Shas'Vre. But with the element of surprise, the counterattack aboard the Selim and our own abilities, there is no reason we will not be successful."

He turned, looking at her from across the hull of the corvette. "And impossible is what Unity Team does."


Their ascent was quick, gently pushed by bursts of air that barely made an energy marker. They drifted in pairs, save for Kass'm who lead the way, adjusting his trajectory as wreckage spun past and finding the best path to the surface of the cityship.

Ancient, black iron steeples met them like an ancient castle. Strange symbols, gue'la skulls and the flash frozen corpses of a dozen different species, hung from them. An'yr ignored this, choosing to invest in the data graphics that categorized what each piece of the cityship was.

There was a flash as a gue'la interceptor burned. It's murderer, a superiority fighter, flashed through the explosion only to collide with defensive turret fire, detonating in a blossom of fusion.

Her chronometer chimed, ten seconds to land. She gritted her teeth and pulled the carbine from her back and primed the ejection panel that would release the thruster additions to her armor.

"Remember, we will kill more of them the longer we go undetected." Kass'm murmured as the hull rushed toward them. "Fire order is 'request' pattern."

A string of acknowledgments responded even as the human vessel's localized gravity began to effect them. An'yr was no longer going 'up' but rushing down. She boosted her thrusters, slowing her descent but not by much.

They hit the deck as one, armor servos whining as they took the impact. An'yr bent a knee, wincing, but the commandos were already up, swarming the entryway. They released their thruster gear The hull was filthy, crenelated with centuries of micro-meteorite impacts. The graphic overlay helped An'yr spot the rust covered duct.

Two Unity members took vice looking devices out which quickly fastened to the lip of the duct. Unity took a careful step back, Kass'm rasing a hand and counting down.

Four... Three... Two... He closed his fist. The high intensity lasers in the devices ignited, spinning about the duct like a child's toy before coming to rest where their owner's had placed them.

An'yr watched the hull glow white hot then dull to a red. She looked to Kass'm who stared intently at the duct.

"Pop it."

The explosives within the device burped, flinging the top of the duct high into space. There was the explosive 'puff' as the internal atmosphere rushed out, carrying with it strange, gue'la tools and anything not bolted down including one of the species cybernetic servant which riled like a snake as it froze in the vacuum.


The insides of the ship were bathed in blue as An'yr switched her blacksun filter on. Gravity had returned as Unity made it's way deeper into the maze. And what a maze, a darkness swathed madhouse filled with atrocities committed against their own. Humans of every kind, slave crews, milled about, their bodies tortured and augmented at random.

The Tau moved quickly, personal stealth fields allowing them to utilize the shadows. Despite their caution, they never encountered resistance. Clearly the masters of such a vessel could not fathom a direct insertion and, so, no security teams or checkpoints hindered Unity. Instead, the slaves continued their work, eyes hooded and barely sentient.

Kass'm posted a sentry every hundred paces, ensuring a supported escape when it would be necessary, until only he, An'yr and two Unity members 'Rake' and 'Jammer' remained.

"Not much further," An'yr said, breathing steadily as they marched through another junction. A pirate, his body naked to the air save for a thong of bristling copper wire, laughed as he whipped another human with a flail that had replaced his hand. His lips had been cut, revealing a row of broken yellow teeth. He roared in his feral tongue.

"Engage?" Kass'm asked as they moved around the oblivious pirate.

An'yr watched as the back skin of the afflicted slave was opened by the flail.

"Make it quick." An'yr said, looking back at her holo-map.

Kass'm made a gesture and Rake stepped forward out of his cloak. The pirate had the briefest of moments to look on the towering Tau commando before him. Rake's garrote wire, wound within his gauntlet, looped around the pirate's neck and sliced it to the spine.

Without a noise, Rake reactivated his cloak, leaving the mewling human to cower on the floor, having never seen him or know why his beating was ended.

"Where do we place the fusion core?" Kass'm asked.

"Not much further." An'yr said, concentrating. And then she saw it, the ever so feint signal of Kor'El Kel'shan Selim. She looked up, seeing a rust covered hatch, gold sigils painted onto it. "This way."


The four Tau entered a vast atrium, an internal cathedral, filled with beings. Species of every kind, Tau included, huddled in crowds as pirate slave drivers whipped them forward toward the apex of the room. A ziggurat of cut stone rose almost to the ceiling, splattered in the gore of aliens, a human priest like female screaming at it's highest level.

She bore a knife, a curved wicked thing, that disemboweled everything her servants brought her. An'yr magnified her visor so she could see the female, an ancient creature who's nose, ears and eyes had been sown shut. Only her mouth remained, shrieking in her own language. At the end of each vomit of words she would slice open a captured alien, pulling forth an organ and eating it.

Servants would then shove the victim off the ziggarat so that they splattered against the rock. At the bottom, some forty meters below, other pirates would collect the bodies and hack them into smaller morsels which they passed to one another or in great cauldrons.

Standing behind her was the beaten and mutilated body of Shipmaster Selim, supported by two other Air Caste crew, surrounded by pirates who pushed him forward.

She'd seen enough. "Kass'm. That is our target. Fix the fusion core to this location. We're deep enough in the vessel that once the signal from the counterattack is received it will split the cityship in half, but we must get to Shipmaster Selim first."

Kass'm nodded. "Jammer, take up position here with your rail rifle, strike when I give the order. Rake, you maintain security for the Shas'Vre and follow me."
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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

Post#20 » Mar 30 2014 07:27

Hey everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to apologize from my absence from ATT. One of those deadly combinations of work and life collided and for the past several months it's been a rat race to make sure everything keeps rolling. The icing on the cake came when I had a work related injury which has kept me from finishing this story.

As it is a group project, I'll be forwarding my information to the other Into Silence stories, which I highly recommend folks to take part in.

Thanks! And I hope to be back soon.
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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

Post#21 » Dec 04 2014 05:47

Hey everyone- been a while, but with the help of the other Into Silence authors I'm back and ready to add content:

Humanity is an impossibly old race. It has risen and fallen in it's dominance of the Galaxy for thousands of years against the other great powers of the universe. They are a race rich in diversity, terrible in scope and yet they share the same sin.


The Gue'la city-ship, bloated with Tau slaves, could never have known the enemy they had made this deep in the Zone of Silence. For decades they had prowled the edges of countless alien empires, reaping moons and colonies with the archaic weapons their forefathers had passed down to them. Nothing could stand against them, or so they thought.

Kor'O Yama'nan watched impassively at the lightstorm flowing around him, absorbing it all without the need of a direct link to the station computer array. Holo panels, vid captures, endless streams of data arching from one part of the bridge to the other as it fed directly into his command theater. The Yama Family had served the Empire since the first messengers of T'au had brought the word of the Tau'va to the most distant peaks and deepest valleys. When they had shed their terrestrial bond and emerged into the void, they took on the task of defending the Empire as well.

"The Gue'la are turning to face us, Kor'O." The hololith artificial intelligence, Ca'dak, growled from the computer terminal. Of the artificials that the Path Resurgence held in it's data cortex, Ca'dak was solely designed for the execution of war. His algorithms had been cultivated from a dozen distinct neural donors, many Shas'O, but also parts of Yama'nan's own great-grandfather Yama'nu'o'ko.

"To engage us directly, while our fighter screens remain entangled, is their goal." Yama'nan said, peering at the seven kilometer Gue'la vessel shaped like a spear.

"We will survive such combat." Ca'dak's luminary representation, a red sphere pulsing with white data and Tau symbols, glowed with confidence.

"Better to terrify them." Yama'nan twisted in his anti-gravity bubble and looked out of the bridge command viewport above, seeing the growing point of light that was the city-ship. "Forward shields, set to maximum, pull power from our tertiary armaments and begin activation protocols for the ion projector array."

The bridge dimmed. "At your command." Ca'dak said.

The crew stopped working as Ca'dak took direct control, exerting his will into each of their terminals.

"Open a channel to the Shadow Team on board the city-ship."

Ca'dak pulsed and a window opened showing the in-helmet vid-feed of Mission leader An'yr. Sweat shined in the darkness of her helmet.

"Kor'O." She said calmly. A staccato of Gue'la arms flashed before her. She aimed and fired once. Yama'nan heard something alien scream in pain then die.

"The Gue'la are accelerating to our position. We are to proceed using the experimental weapon."

"Understood, Kor'O, fusion charges are set. We have precious cargo with us." She turned her helmet toward the bleeding, tortured Kor'El Selim, shipmaster of the exploration vessel the Gue'la had ransacked before the Path Resurgence's arrival.

"Get your team out of there."

"We're doing our best-"

"You have minutes." He shut the channel down and turned to focus on the city-ship. As a Kor'Ui pilot he had seen only one such Gue'la vessel with his own eyes. A relic of the Lithesh war, over a century old still orbited the K'hem star system. To see one alive, and bearing down on him, made his heard quicken.

Not for fear, such concepts had been expunged from his reasoning long ago, but for the thought of defeating such a monster. The Gue'la armada's armed many of their ships with weapons called Nova Cannons. Such caliber weapons could destroy a Kor'vattra ship of the line in a single barrage.

"The Tempest Array will be ready to fire in... four minutes." Ca'dak rumbled, his own voice filled with anticipation.

"Pull our fighters back, all at once. Flight paths should be directed anywhere outside of our field of fire."


In the void around the reclamation fleet, a sudden light began to accumulate on the surface of the mobile space station. It's prow, curved like it's own planetary surface, crackled with arcs of gravitic energy.

The Tolerance class Rail cannons folded into their hangers just as thousands of sensor towers folded in on themselves to avoid the growing ion fields criss crossing the hull.

Taking their queue, the fighter squadrons of Air Caste, almost simultaneously, ignited their afterburners. Like a thousand comets they broke away from their human counterparts, falling back toward the Tau lines.

Perhaps the Gue'la captain believed that he had won some victory. The city-ship grew in momentum, aiming it's prow directly at the Path Resurgence.

On board, the Tau operatives pulled back. Harried by vengeful security forces, they released a swarm of suicide drones, each fist sized artificial blinding and killing the hordes, allowing the Tau to exfiltrate. Entering into escape pods, they jettisoned, the Selim's shipmaster with them.

An'yr saw that her team was bloody, their advanced armor like the surface of an airless moon with craters and scrapes. But they had won.

"An'yr to Path Resurgence, we are clear."

The Path Resurgence's main gravity well thrummed throughout the station, building in power as the station's dome charged, Ca'dak tuning the growing gravity wells perfectly along the hull to capture the ion field, now an orb of pulsing light a kilometer long. The artificial intelligence waited, facing the Path Resurgence directly at the charging Gue'la ship.

"Station Master?"

Yama'nan allowed himself a smile. "Fire."

Ca'dak released the storm, a net of white blue energy of almost pure energy. It streaked across space, it's wake brightening the void as if a star had been born, burning the retinas of any unshielded eyes.

The field passed through the Gue'la squadrons effortlessly, the wave of energy overwhelming their electrical systems. Pilots wired into their ships had strokes as their brains overloaded, engine restrictors went nova and weapons fired erratically.

The field expanded to double it's size, flashing through the city-ship's void shields and directly into the hull. Next; a hundred fires sparked off, a thousand servitors exploded in their moorings. The Gue'la listed on it's axis, spinning into a tumble, end over end.

A cheer went out through the bridge, the ship and all eyes on the battle. Yama'nan waited, watching as indicator symbols painted the city-ship with system failures and blackouts. The victory did not last long.

A mere twelve seconds later, the city-ship began reactivating. Yama'nan swore, even as his crew celebrated. The experimental weapon had just seen it's first field test and; had failed. He turned to Ca'dak.


There was a horrible second that nothing happened.

And then the fusion cores planted by An'yr's team reached critical. Only five Tau would know the truth of the city-ship's death. To the fleet the Kor'O had just unleashed a powerful new weapon and destroyed the most deadly class of starship ever faced by the Empire in one shot.

A storm of atomic fire cascaded about the Gue'la ship, it's multi-kilometer long hull shaking apart, unleashing a corona of fire that raged within it's body.

Yama'nan closed his eyes. "Preliminary assumption?"

Ca'dak rumbled, "The weapon caused critical damage but did not kill the Gue'la ship. It will appear that it did so after the fusion core charges detonated."

The success of the city-ship's death would be unknown. Seemingly the Tau would have a brilliant new weapon on it's largest vessel. Rumor would turn to myth and the Empire would be safer with it's enemies believing such new power.

As the holo screens revealed the Gue'la line shattered, Yama'nan made himself content in the obvious victory.
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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

Post#22 » Dec 04 2014 09:33

I have to say that I really enjoy your writing. One slight correction however...

"And then the fusion cores planted by An'yr's team reached critical. All but five Tau knew the truth of the city-ship's death. To the fleet the Kor'O had just unleashed a powerful new weapon and destroyed the most deadly class of starship ever faced by the Empire in one shot."

This implies that all the tau, except 5 knew what happened.., other than that, love this story.

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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

Post#23 » Feb 28 2015 09:26

(Recovering from a HD crash- gotta love 'em)

A week had passed since the Gue'la pirates had been repulsed. There had been cheering, celebrations, aboard each vessel and aboard the Path Resurgence. Such a victory had never been achieved by the Air Caste. The ability to destroy a Gue'la City class warship in a single attack was no small miracle, and the Por'Hui agents scattered throughout the population of the colonization fleet were exploiting such a victory to it's fullest. For Sol'n, it meant that he was little more than useless as interest in the future trumped any need to understand the past.

But that was the way for an Archivist, so he did not take insult as the days past without Por'El Noh'luun messaging him. He found himself wandering the Spine decks of the Path Resurgence, reading from the Bentho Histories and other articles that had originated amongst the Sha'draig colonies.

Colonized by Au'taalian artisans, warriors from Kel'shan and explorers from Vash'ya, Sha'draig was everything the Empire should have become. It's cultural center, Sha'draig itself, had been a world that had remained savage even as cities had grown from it's valleys and atop it's mountain ranges. Adaptation was the axiom of these Tau, and perhaps, it had saved them when the Y'he had darkened their skies.

Sol'n absorbed stories of brilliant new tactics incorporating technology in never before seen methods in spite of the Cadre's defeat. Just so, the Y'he had adapted to these methods, revealing a similarity between both species most Tau would, no doubt, reject.

He passed a trio of Hren as they loped by, their fist sized eyes flicking back and forth. The main hallway of the Spine was open to all species, however, Sol'n was unnerved by their sudden appearance that seemed to coincide with his thoughts. The Hren were a brutal species, new to the Empire after their diaspora fleet was discovered, lost, in the Gulf.

Like so many species, the Hren had been banished from their clutch of planets by the Imperium who had waged a brief war of annihilation hundreds and thousands of lightyears from the Empire. They now served the Fire Caste as forward scouts and light infantry, but Sol'n knew stories of their employment as skinhunters.

"You shouldn't stare, Por'La." The voice came from a wall panel. Sol'n stopped walking and looked at the computer. It's pilot lights danced as the unmistakable voice of In'o'hui. He passed his hand over the lights and watched as the light jumped from the diods and onto his wrist computer. There was a tingle as the hololith integrated with him. He continued walking.

"Where have you been?" He asked, appearing to talk to himself.

"Talking to others of my kind. It is rare to meet entirely different algorithms."

"You've been gone since the battle."

"Yes. I had never witnessed one."

"Why would you want to watch that?"

In'o'hui took a moment before formulating words, transmitting them directly into Sol'n's implants. "New information," she transmitted images of fire in zero gravity, the cataclysm of the Gue'la cityship as it died.

"I don't want to see that."

"Alright." The images stopped. "Why were so interested in the Hren?"

It was Sol'n's turn to take a breath as he considered his words. "Every species the Empire includes or fights is, in it's own way, a reflection to us."

"All life follows it's own unique laws, just as atoms follow the laws of physics. Such patterns are speculative but not surprising." In'o'hui said matter-of-factly.

"Yes. And it has excused our behavior in the past. When Shas'O Sho'vah fought the greenskins, leading his Crisis teams into close quarters despite orders from Shas'Ar'Tol. Shas'O Al'is was censored for using heightened interrogation techniques against Reaver pirates. The crimes of the alien have, time and again, have permitted us to forgive ourselves. That's not adaptation or wisdom, that's allowing yourself to be pushed back to barbarity." He reached a connecting bridge, another of the new 'hard light' bridges he had seen on the bridge. He was no longer afraid to tread on the columns of light, nor was he interested in them.

"Why are you thinking such things?"

"A philosopher, Fio'Vre Unu'me. She help build the skyhook on Ev'nil't, a world near Sha'draig. She was in charge of work teams that had been integrated with a herd of Bovul. She grew to love many of that species and wrote a series of entries about the alien, Tau relations."

"Yet you dwell on Hrenian skinhunters."

Sol'n didn't respond. He stopped, in the middle of the bridge, and looked down. The bridge offered an open view of the six levels that made up the Spine, criss crossed with maglev trains and walkways like this. He knew that the bridge could be shut down if the Path Resurgence were boarded. He knew why that was necessary, yet... "We think too much of war in this age, In'o'hui. Everything we build now, it seems to be for war."

"I've been monitoring your vitals." In'o'hui said, changing the subject.


"How have you been sleeping."

He hadn't. Not well at least. Since the translation, his sleep hours had been haunted with the memory of the visions he had experienced. The more time he spent, reviewing his didactic implants or trying to decipher his room's scanner readouts of his brain activity, he couldn't explain what had happened and the more he tried to remember the less sure he was it had even happened.

"Depression is a reality for biologicals, Por'La, just as lagging is for hololiths. There are methods of countering both, but it begins with the choice to heal, to find calm. Can I make a recommendation, Por'La?"

"No!" Several beings turned at Sol'n's outburst, then kept going when they made eye contact with his blood shoot purple eyes. He rubbed his hands over his face. The afterimages of his fingertips were laughing at him. "What... what do you recommended I do?"

"Let us go to Threespeaker, Por'La."
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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

Post#24 » Mar 01 2015 10:36

I have to say, I'm very impressed with the joint work on "into the silence". I like how you are all following a fairly close script and you all write very well, barring the few spelling mistakes grammar issues here and there.

What is the intended plan once all of you are finished?

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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

Post#25 » Mar 02 2015 03:54

First off- what I'd like to say is that most of what I put here is a rough draft and while grammar, of course, is something I take seriously because I want you, my reader, to enjoy the story- but just so you know, grammar is going to come second fiddle to trying to get the story on the page- and then I'll review and repost.

To answer your question though- when I originally started this story I was in a very different place (I've now moved 3000miles from home, and work is nuts) but the idea was to get a group of people who liked the same spine of a story and then fill it with their own "organs". Now, I dropped off the map for a few months, and hopefully I'm getting back into the swing, but I would say that it's simply a story that twists and turns from multiple perspectives- and simply that. If you like one branch, read it thoroughly. When you want to know how the poor Tau being tortured feels about the Dark Eldar on top of him, read the next one.
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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

Post#26 » Mar 02 2015 07:20

First off, I would like to apologize if I came off saying that there were a lot of grammar or spelling errors, there weren't a lot, there were a FEW, very little in fact that would have disrupted the story. I did not intend to be offensive at all.

Your story and the others writing within your time frame, are all, very very good to fantastic! The reason I asked that question is because, between the lot of you, it seems a shame to leave the story on these pages.

I understand that you have moved several thousand miles away from im guessing your original cowrites, but surely it hasn't really diminished your contact with them? Obviously I don't know what major changes have occurred in your life since, but you're all incredibly imaginative and very good writers, that type of talent shouldn't be squandered.

I always look forward to reading all of the "into the silence" stories, and feel disappointed when I get to the end of the entry, because I want to know what's going on and what's going to happen, that's a good thing.

I hope whatever changes in your life aren't too insurmountable and that you'll be able to get back to writing when you're able. As always, I'm looking forward to seeing "what will happen next".

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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

Post#27 » Mar 02 2015 07:29

Deepstrike wrote:Your story and the others writing within your time frame, are all, very very good to fantastic! The reason I asked that question is because, between the lot of you, it seems a shame to leave the story on these pages.

I understand that you have moved several thousand miles away from im guessing your original cowrites, but surely it hasn't really diminished your contact with them? Obviously I don't know what major changes have occurred in your life since, but you're all incredibly imaginative and very good writers, that type of talent shouldn't be squandered.

Don't panic Deepstrike, this tale is definitely going to be finished, we've put a good deal of time and thought into planning out the overall narrative and have a reasonably good idea of what the story is going to look like for a considerable length (as well as a couple of ideas about what's happening beyond that). I think it's definitely going to be finished eventually, though it might not be right away. There have been a few quiet points in it's development, but I think overall it's coming together at a pretty good pace, and it's definitely come a long way since it's original conception.
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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

Post#28 » Mar 02 2015 08:55

Well that's good to hear. :D

The response you quoted was mainly because I wanted chainsword to know I didn't intend to have any negative connotations to the way. Nor what he wrote... I really enjoy his writing style, all of yours truth be told. It takes a very creative and gifted mind to be able to transport a reader to a location with only words.

Still, it's. I've to know you do have an end plot in mind. Looking forward to reading the continued adventures.

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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

Post#29 » Mar 03 2015 03:13

No offense taken! You've caught a lot of really good grammatical moments- I just wanted to let you know that it's not out of any kind of 'uncaring'.
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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

Post#30 » Mar 23 2015 12:11

Shas'Ui Nars sat in his own quarters and attempted, again, to meditate. He was bare from the waist up, exposing the many scars across his muscled chest and back to the cool air circulating through his room. Since the Air Caste's victory over the piratical humans, Por'El Noh'luun had relieved him of his charge of protecting Por'La Sol'n. It had not been to insult, rather, Sol'n had seemingly earned his place in the 'El's entourage and his services were no longer needed.

Shas'El Tae'n, the presiding Commander of the fleet, had not responded to his requests to join a security team, or, use the colony ship's battledome. He had, seemingly, been forgotten. Left without purpose, his mind was being poisoned by thoughts of An'yr.

The fact that she was here was... Expected, he concluded. She had been the best, always, since she was a crecheling. Neither hot tempered or brooding, by the rank of Shas'La she exemplified the teachings of the Nine Ways of Fire. And she had loved him.

Nars breathed in, letting the cool air represent a soothing wind over his emotions. He exhaled, opening his eyes. Tears, unwanted, ran down his cheeks and onto his folded hands.

She had loved him. Seeing her on the station had proven that whatever kinship they had shared had been obliterated, like everything else, after his Trial by Fire. He could recall the video data from his personal archives, could see the multiple feeds from drones, satellites, even An'yr's own helmet feed but nothing was as vivid as his own memories.

Nars had been in an XV-8, gifted with the Mantle of Heroes for three cycles. It was as much a part of him as his own heart, his personal neural patterns synched perfectly with the battlesuites systems to such a degree that the Earth Caste had petitioned that they be allowed to study Nars. It was on Rin'sep, a minor world in the T'au Sept, where negotiations between Ar'cea and the Water Caste failed. While dealings with aliens was a constant in the Empire, the Ar'cea had refused membership long ago in the Second Age. Relations had always been strained since then and with the discovery of a derelict Eldar colony on Rin'sep, it was with justifiable caution that a security Cadres were assigned to the delegation.

It had been An'yr, already a Shas'Ui in the Pathfinder contingent, that had discovered the ruse when her team encountered Ar'cea irregulars with long range sniper weapons in the nearby tree line. Discovered, the Ar'cea had engaged, pinning An'yr and her team. The envoys of both sides exploded into violence. Shas'Vre Kas'a'kan had been shorn in half by the alien 'diplomat' who activated some kind of electrical weapon hidden in it's gloves and Nars had taken command, ordering an immediate withdrawal.

Using his own XV-8 as a shield for the Water Caste envoys, they had reached the nearby troop carrier under a veritable storm of enemy fire, yet, casualties were light as the Ar'cea struggled to face Nars' warriors and deal with An'yr who had moved her teams to support even as they engaged the irregulars in the forest.

Reaching the troop carrier, Nars had tapped into An'yr's communications, had heard her fearlessly bellowing commands to her teams. They were dying, cornered by growing numbers of Ar'cea troops, but selling their lives dearly as the full strength of the Ar'cea was brought to bear against the Pathfinders.

He had broken protocol. As the last XV-8 functioning, he rocketed away from the troop carrier as it and it's escorts retreated, landing in the forest and heavily damaging the legs of his suit. Immobile, the XV-8 is still a fearsome weapon, and Nars used it to it's fullest potential, incinerating those Ar'cea that got too close and filling their positions with high explosive missiles.

His arrival bought An'yr and the survivors time to regroup and return to their own transports and when the Ar'cea finally charged his position he ejected in an escape pod, landing kilometers away.

He had woken days later in high orbit where Commander Zan'kasha, newly arrived from T'au to execute the mission against the Ar'cea, had told him of his gross failure. The Water Caste envoys had been massacred by shock troops, their bodies left to smolder. Nars was disgraced, his dereliction of duty for selfish and personal reasons especially when in a position of command showed he was not ready to advance and that his Trial by Fire had failed...

The door chimed, breaking him from his reverie.

He stood, pulled his robes up over his shoulders, and answered the door by opening it. The Por'La Sol'n looked up at him through bleary sleep deprived eyes. Instead of him speaking, however, a voice came from within the Pol hat he wore. It was the hololith that had been entrusted to him:

"Shas'Ui Nars, we would like to petition your services."
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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

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-Hey everyone. So, as you might know, we added some new authors to the Into Silence group writing team and we've spent the last few weeks organizing things a little more. I'd like you to consider this post I'm writing to be the 'last' in the first chapter of the Into Silence story and the beginning of the next phase of what we're trying to do.

In summation, the Path Resurgence has weathered it's first major engagement and, now, the leadership is assessing what they have learned about the Zone of Silence as they embark on the next jump deeper into the worlds lost in the Tyranid invasion a century earlier. Enjoy.

Por'El Noh'luun stepped off the shuttle ramp and onto the deck of the Word Innermost, far from the core of the Path Resurgence fleet. His entourage of Por'faan following him at a precise eight paces behind him representing two-fold respect, although Noh'luun could care less, his mind focused on the honor of returning to this holy vessel.

The docking bay was unassuming, completely automated with dozens of drone classes that drifted on their grav thrusters as they worked. It was eerily quiet, even for the efficiency of Tau environments, as if Noh'luun were entering a tomb. He ignored the unsettling nature of the cruiser, he was Coalition Leader after all.

He stopped as they reached a portal leading upwards via a sloping incline. Turning he motioned an eager Por'Ui who was responsible for his appearance, to his side. Noh'luun wore robes that were simple, rough spun blue silk, and he wore no Pol hat, his braids undone so that his hair fell to his shoulders. There were no emblems of his rank, if anything, he appeared as a humble monk rather than the shepherd of over a million of the Empire's citizens.The Por'Ui deftly straightened Noh'luun's robes, using a handheld wand to absorb any dust particles or detritus that might have clung to Noh'luun in the twelve raik'ors since he had done the same act. Noh'luun didn't care, he wanted everything to be perfect as he came before the Ta'ko'cha.

As such, he was not accompanied by the Fire Caste and his shuttle was piloted by a Por'Ui rather than an Air Caste member. This was another gesture to the Ta'ko'cha, to show the personal devotion of the Water Caste so as not to place a burden on the rest of the Tau'faan.

This was by design. The Water Caste traditions were the most complex and, to the other Castes, confusing. While the Shas had wrote their devotions in blood and the Fio arranged towers and cities in complex geometries that represented their interpretation of the Tau'va, it was the Water Caste that displayed their beliefs within every gesture and every word.

Since his elevation, his heart had thrummed against his chest at an above average pace, increasing blood flow to his brain so that he had experienced a near constant thrill of chemical reactions throughout the journey and into the conflict against the Gue'la pirates.

Thinking about the City-ship, dead in space, he reinforced his conviction that he had made the right choice. The Earth Caste had needed to try their new weapon and the rest of the mission had needed to see what the Zone of Silence had become in the absence of the Tau. Lawlessness, perversion and darkness reigned here now.

His spies, non-Tau mostly, had been sent out into the Silence a cycle before the Path Resurgence had launched in order to find such a foe that the Tau could christen their journey with.

Noh'luun had learned much of the Kel'shani Fire Caste in his travels. Since the Y'he had threatened their Prime world, the Commanders had adopted a near obsession with Kauyon; the Patient Hunter. Their tactics now revolved around the concept of baiting and luring their enemies to where they needed before a all encompassing attack. The greater the lure, the greater the prey. Noh'luun had ordered one of the largest ships in the fleet to be first into the Silence, as such, a truly massive prey had revealed itself.

The attack on the pirates who had taken the Selim had been executed with the precision Yama'nan was famous for, and yet, the Kor'O Fleetmaster was merely another tool in Noh'luun's arsenal, as was every life form tumbling into the void with him. Noh'luun knew he risked egoism, the unsubstantiated belief of the immortality of his power, but he was never more committed to the edicts of the Tau'Va and every death, avoidable as they were, was for the Greater Good. He had knowingly baited the pirates to instigate such a conflict. Yes, there had been casualties, but spirits were high, a dreadful, cannibalistic enemy defeated, with heroes of every species being created. Noh'luun knew they would need them as contact with the Empire became impossible the further they went.

The Por'Ui finished and Noh'luun began climbing the ramp, his entourage faithfully behind him. The halls of the cruiser were empty, save for the occasional drone construct. Not even the walls were adorned with fio'sorral, a near constant addition within Tau architecture. Noh'luun ignored this, letting his hoofs lead the way to the sanctum within and his thoughts reserved for personal reflection.

Noh'luun and the Por'faan reached a hallway, flanked by drone constructs that were anchored to the ceiling. They watched the Water Caste envoys with multi-lensed optics, their operating intelligences referencing records and deduction protocols.

Next, the Por walked through an incoherent laser grid, their life signs scanned for both authenticity and their subconscious brain activity probed to ensure no abnormal fluctuations that might denote an ulterior motive. Only when each member was verified did a door open and Noh'luun entered a waiting monorail car. His entourage stayed behind, it didn't matter, he was sure the Ta'ko'cha were monitoring him and had seen the gesture of respect.

He arrived a handful of raik'ans in a wide atrium. Even before the doors opened, Noh'luun could feel and hear a deep vibration that made his ts'tsil scales tingle. The chamber was as wide as a battledome, nestled in the heart of the cruiser.

Mal'kor, an entire hive, hung in the air above Noh'luun as he quickly made his way over an extended walkway to a door on the other side of the chamber. Their wings beat with such speed that they appeared as if they were standing in mid air, their six beady eyes glaring at Noh'luun. They were armed with the volatile prism weapons of their race but they wouldn't need them should they need to protect the Ta'ko'cha. Their diamond hard claws would be enough to rip apart a battle tank if it somehow managed to get here.

He reached the doors, stepping through as they irised open.

Within was a plain, circular, room furnished with a floating disc of fio'tak and three hover thrones. Empty. The cluster of photons that made for a chandelier was dimmed, the shadows dark.

"Por'El." Noh'luun turned and almost tripped as he bowed to the rooms only occupant who stepped out from behind one of the thrones and the darkness beyond.

Aun'Zran'al was on of the Ethereal's ancients, leaning heavily on a quarter staff of iridium, but it made her no less capable. A member of the Eighth Precedence, she held a permanent seat on the Council of the Highest and was a personal advisor to Aun'Va when the premier Ethereal had still been amongst the First Sphere.

She was a notorious firebrand, believing in strict adherence to the Greater Good before all things.

"Ko'vash Tau'va," She placed a hand on Noh'luun and bid him rise. He did not look directly at her, instead, averting his gaze respectfully to the floor.

"You are wondering where Aun'Jiom and Aun'Bry'ith are."

"I do not question the methods of the Enlightened, master."

Aun'Zran'al tilted her head and moved to her throne on the left of the table. "One should always question. The way of the Tau'va is to both recognize one's place as it is to support those who's obligations are greater and less than your own. The Ethereals do not lead, but advise those who would do so."

She raised a hand to beckon Noh'luun closer. He did so, crossing his hands over his chest, the gesture of obedience.

"Was war your intent?" Aun'Zran'al asked. In the presence of an Ethereal, the truth came easy.

"War has already come to the Empire, your excellency."

"Elaborate." There was no emotion in her voice save the expectancy of a tutor to a student.

"To the north the Imperium savages our borders even as the Third Sphere gains momentum. To the west the Traitor's Enclaves battle the greenskins who have amassed in such numbers as to rival the Dam'kles Crusade or the Y'he swarm that created the Silence. Every cycle more attacks from the Rift sectors are recorded in the east, there can be no doubt, the Empire is at war... I believed it prudent to engage our mission with the expectancy of violence."

"And so, the Selim was sacrificed."

Noh'luun's fingers twitched, the only sign of any internal turmoil. "Yes, excellency, the Selim was sacrificed."

"And what did the death of it's crew earn our cause?"



"Sixteen captives were taken, they were offered to the Nagi, who none can stand against. The Mindrip ceremony produced a deeper understanding of the Silence."

"And what exists in our former territory?"

"It is a fractious place with many nations, many peoples. Refugees from wars across the galaxy now call the Silence home."

"Then their claim is as legitimate as ours for we were not there prevent such diaspora."

Noh'luun let his hands fall twisting his fingers together to form the gesture of 'respectful discourse'.

"They use our technology, that which we were forced to leave behind. They know of our former residency on worlds, orbitals and star systems. I plan to, of course, offer them a place in the Greater Good, but these wanderers know of our imminent domain."

Aun'Zran'al raised a hand within Noh'luun's field of vision, drawing his gaze to hers. Her eyes were jet black with barely any white. Her skin was pale, the Y of her nasal cavity formed around a diamond shaped bone ridge which had an ancient, pre-Tau'va, symbol for 'Journey' stenciled into it.

"War does beset out people, Por'El Noh'luun. You were correct in your execution of Kauyon..." She smiled and Noh'luun felt his skin prickle with excitement and pride. "It has been determined amongst we, the Ta'ko'cha, that I will address the Path Resurgence and our attending fleet as well as the newcomers returning from He'pha'n."

Noh'luun held his breath. "Then the mission there was a success?"

"In as much as the sacrifice of the Selim was. We now know of another threat, one that seems to be attempting to halt our efforts here and sabotage the whole of the Third Sphere."

"I- how? The Imperium?" Noh'luun hadn't needed the Archivist from T'au, Por'La Sol'n, to know the extensive history of the Gue'la attempting to infiltrate the Empire and erode their works from within.

The Ethereal made another gesture and a flock of drones glided into the room, each projecting a holographic vid capture.

"On the eve of the Third Sphere, unidentified elements of an Ar'cea raiding force attacked Commander Shadowsun at the edges of the Dal'yth Sept. Before this, a being known as Ur'ia'n Rakar'th was responsible for the death of the colony world Rubikon... We know almost nothing about this sub-nation of the Ar'cea, and yet they make direct attempts to deny us our destiny. This threat now aims itself at the Path Resurgence."

Noh'luun watched as blade encrusted aliens engaged the Tau on every screen. He could tell that some of this footage was old, based on the style of Firewarrior armor, but that some of the beings who exposed their paper white faces were the same. Many of the species in the Galaxy lived, seemingly, forever and so he was not surprised. The Ar'cea were a curious people, appearing and disappearing from the Empire at their whim. Sometimes they negotiated with the Water Caste, sometimes they struck without warning and required enormous resources to repel them. They had rejected the Tau'va and were considered non-Compliant.

"I will double my efforts to learn more about these Ar'cea."

"Yes." Aun'Zran'al whispered, her own eyes following the drone's screens. "They hunt us even now."

A new drone entered the room, larger, and covered with paddle like sensors. It descended to position itself before Aun'Zran'al, twittering in it's language before opening it's plated dome and extended a dozen camera lenses.

"Our people will know of this threat."


Every screen, operations panel and holo projector in the fleet was replaced by the sigil of the Aun, calling the beings of the fleet together. Aun'Zran'al's face replaced the sigil, smiling serenely and raising her hands to touch her brow in formal greeting.

"Brothers and sisters, friends, comrades, I bid you greetings in the name of the Greater Good. We stand together, we stand together before the threshold of the Silence."

"Many of you might have believed that there would be emptiness, worlds bereft of life, stolen by the devourer that scattered our ancestors and drove us back... Yet now, as we return, we witness that there are new enemies even here that have grown in the absence of order."

"Blood has been spilt. Despite our victory here, war has burned it's way across the border, first by pirates and then by slavers, claiming hundreds of lives as they attempt to hinder our destiny." There was a collective rumble of anger from a million voices. It was as if Aun'Zran'al had expected this and her broadcast waited until her audience quieted.

"He'pha'n, a colony of the Septs has been the site of a massacre the likes of which the Empire has not seen for an age. But it was we, the Coalition of Silence, who brought vengeance to those who would murder our own and it is we who will continue to persecute those who reject the Light of Reason."

"Five... Five lives were rescued from He'pha'n in the face of an Ar'cea assault who's purpose was to cause needless pain and horror to our people but all are equal on the Path of the Greater Good and these five lives are each a precious victory. The cost of this rescue were countless of Shas and Kor lives... There dedication will be remembered."

"More lives were brutally taken when the Selim was boarded by the Gue'la, hundreds and thousands dragged aboard there vessel to be turned into chattel... It was Gue'vesa that marched, side by side, to rescue them. This is the strength of our covenant. Those victims and those who died to save them will be remembered."

"We, together, have thrown back these enemies and, now, we prepare ourselves, again, to leap further into the unknown."

"I am Ethereal, my concern extends to all members of the Empire and, indeed, to all the sentient beings who suffer. I believe all suffering is caused in the ignorance of individuals. Those who inflict pain on others in their selfish pursuit of their satisfaction and greed are not shielded by this ignorance... Know that we will no longer stand for those that seek our downfall and continue our journey to reclaim what was lost!"

A cheer rang out, from ship to ship, raising a cacophony that was heard on every channel, every vox net, every signal that reached out into the void, a challenge to the universe and a proclamation of unity.

Light coalesced around the Path Resurgence recalling each ship to it's many gravitic hooks as it prepared a second jump into the Zone of Silence.

Quietly, beings of unimaginable cruelty looked to their prey, listening on pilfered technology to the mewlings of the lesser-races, and smiled.
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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

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Excellent work sir. The ending of the latest entry sounds very foreboding.

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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

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Here's the last chapter for this part of the story- Sha'draig will pick up a few months where this left off.

Chapter 4


Sol'n followed Nars into the lowest levels of the Path Resurgence. Here, most biological life was scarce, given way to colonies of crustacean Brakyuran who ignored the two Tau or drone constructs that warbled greetings as they continued their various tasks. The passageways narrowed, the white panels of fio'tak and the cushioned floor receding to pipes and cable bundles, the foundation of the ship.

The decks were dark, the humidity from the many plasma generator dampeners that fed into the main power grid almost stifling. It gave everything a slightly ominous feel, especially with the little aliens that scuttled back and forth interrupted only by the occasional gravitic motors of the drones.

"Through that door." In'o'la
said from the speakers of Sol'n's Pol hat.

Sol'n turned and walked toward a pair of doors wedged between pieces heavy machinery. Nars followed behind him. The Shas was in full armor, his hand gripped around a combat knife's hilt on his belt.

"You seem agitated, Shas'Ui."

"I have been requested from my quarters from my previous charge to wander the lower decks for reasons his disembodied companion will not explain. Yes, I am agitated to say the least."

"I don't believe coming armed was necessary."

"Then why ask for me?" Nar's voice was edged even through the filters of his helmet. And indeed Sol'n wondered the same thing. Nar's whole body was a weapon if truth be told. "The service corridors on a starship this big might have undesirables, she was right to have me escort you, Por'La. I had assumed a new lifeward had been assigned."

Sol'n glanced up at Nars' visor, impassive as ever, "The Shas'El has raised security protocols all over the ship, I had thought you would be placed in charge of a team, or something."

"I remained unassigned after my dismissal." Sol'n could definitely hear that Nars' voice had become tense. A Brakyuran scuttled in front of Nars then gave a squeal, its eye stalks quivering before it disappeared down a pipe.

"du'cha!" Narse spat, "What are we doing in these blasted tunnels!"

Sol'n put a hand over his grin. Brakyura could be unsettling with their many appendages and the spiky exo-skeletons. Sol'n had studied their history early in his studies. The aliens had peacefully joined the Commonwealth in the Second Sphere. The Earth Caste had petitioned them to be elevated to full Membership status after only a generation.

Sol'n shrugged, "In'o'la will not explain more to me either." His eyes crossed as he looked at the brim of his hat where the hololith resided, almost stumbling into a low hovering drone. They reached the door, Nars looking for the activator.

"Too much information can often deter biological lifeforms from interpretation and dissemination, most likely because you adapt only after positive and negative outcomes. Speculation therefore is often coupled with scrutiny." In'o'la said, her voice sounding oddly distracted.

"It is manual, Shas'Ui." In'o'la informed Nars who scowled and pulled a lever out from the door and twisted. The doors opened with a screech revealing a contrastingly brightly lit chamber that momentarily blinded Sol'n.

"Ko'vash Tau'va, greetings." A voice said in Tau'sia yet alien.

"Ko'vash Tau'va, thank you." In'o'la said. Sol'n rubbed his eyes and saw that Nars had instantly stepped in front of him, the combat knife half out of its sheaf.

"Please, Shas'faan, I am unarmed and no threat to you and your charge." The Gue'la said calmly, raising her hands, palms out. Her skin was thin, soft and very wrinkled, the color a rich brown. She was dressed in a simple jumpsuit that had not been cut for her size and maybe even her species so she had rolled the baggy sleeves and leggings.

The chamber was not big, the size of Sol'n's own cabin. Plants had been hung in glass globes, suspended by string or by their own vines. Flowers of every kind of every color seem to erupt out from thick patches of vegetation.

"She is no threat." In'o'la confirmed, her voice pattern had slowed, as if suddenly drugged.

The knife slid back downward and Nars stepped aside so Sol'n could walk up to the female. He bowed at the knees and raised his hands over his heart in greeting. "I am Por'La Sol'n of T'au."

"I am Gue'cea'Vre Ko'na Bia't of D'yanoi." The elder human said in Tau'sia.

Sol'n brightened, "I did not realize there were Gue'cea on the Path Resurgence. I have never met one of your people before." The Gue'cea were near cousins to the Gue'la, similar in appearance if generally shorter, they originated from a world that had been discovered during the Second Sphere. They did not regard themselves as strictly 'Gue'la' but still human. The concept had puzzled many Por on T'au who studied alien cultures hence Sol'n's knowledge of them.

"I may be the only one." She bowed. "I do not have furniture, I must apologize."

He sat on his haunches, removing his Pol hat and placed it before him. "It is no trouble, we will sit on the floor."

Bia't tilted her head and waited the traditional 'three beats' as the apology was received. It was a Tau gesture, something simple that every Tau across space did instinctually. To see an alien do it as casually was remarkably unsettling yet comforting. She continued, "And your hat, this is where the hololith resides?"

"I do, Gue'cea'Vre Bia't. I am In'o'la, a fragment of In'o'la, of T'au." Bia't smiled broadly, her teeth a startling white against her dark skin.

"I have never met one of your kind in this fashion." Bia't said and bowed.

"But we have met before." The statement hung in the room. Bia't's smile dissolved and she looked at Sol'n, her eyes filling with water, a common Gue'la exhibition of emotion so that they seemed glassy.

"Yes we have In'o'la, and you as well, Por'La Sol'n. I have met you many times." Sol'n frowned, looking at his Pol hat and thus In'o'la. When she didn't say anything he looked back at the alien.

"Excuse me, Gue'cea'Vre, but you must be mistaken."

"We have never met in the mundane, I refer to the esoteric world." Bia't seemed to correct herself.

"Ah, I see." Sol'n said, puzzled to say the least but respectful. Perhaps this elder had a mind-sickness.

"You are troubled, Por'La. You carry thoughts that weigh you and keep you from performing your tasks. In'o'la has told me as much."

"I- I do not know what you refer to, Gue'cea'Vre." Sol'n's palms began to itch but he tried to ignore it. "In'o'la, what have you been telling people about me?"

Bia't held her hands out. "Please, Por'La, if I may take your hand in mine."

"What is this?" Nars barked. "Who is she?"

"She is Threespeaker." In'o'la shouted back, shocking both Nars and Sol'n who had never witnessed such a extreme display from the hololith. "And you will be respectful." She finished. Bia't had not seemed to notice, her hands remaining outstretched towards Sol'n.

Sol'n looked at Bia't and to Nars then stood and crossed the room. As he did so he noticed, absently, that the plants seemed to moved, as if in a breeze yet he felt none.

He took her hand.

And Sol'n wasn't on the Path Resurgence anymore. He was floating, no that wasn't right, he was flying! Flying through clouds, through a rainbow, raindrops falling against his... his what? He tried to touch his face but he could not feel himself. Panic gripped him and suddenly he was falling. He shouted, screamed until he suddenly stopped, frozen in mid-air.

"This is a dream." A voice, yet not a voice, seemed to come from inside his own head, if he had a head anymore.

"A what?" He said, yet didn't say, for without a head how could he have a voice? It was as though he had been reduced to merely eyes.

"A dream, Por'La. You have been having them, visions, ever since this vessel made its first translation through the Celestial realm."

Sol'n felt the panic rise. "How could you know that?"

"Your species does not experience the relationship between the realms. At least not yet. The dreams you are having, we have met within them. I have also met your companion, the digital being In'o'la, in these places between waking and sleep."

A patch of clouds coalesced into the face of Bia't. She looked at him, the sun shining through her so that her eyes glowed. Sol'n was both terrified and amazed beyond comprehension.

"But you are troubled..." The sky darkened. Storm clouds rolled forward as if he were watching a sped up vid-capture. "This is why In'o'la has brought you to me."

The storm swirled around him, picking up speed. It was cold, he wished he could hold himself. Bia't's face was slowly pulled into the rising hurricane yet her voice boomed like thunder.

"You have seen something in the dark!"

The storm changed again, the raging clouds building like a tidal wave. Lighting flashed. Sol'n screamed. The lighting stabbed toward him.

And froze.

Sol'n was standing. Bia't next to him. They stared up into the sky now standing on a disc that Sol'n believed was the frontal prow of the Path Resurgence. He couldn't understand how it was only a few steps wide when he knew that the ship was many kilometers across.

Bia't didn't seem bothered, her eyes focused on the static barbs of lightning.

"There... There is the thing that haunts you."

Sol'n looked past the lightning and, in the darkest crevice of the looming storm, beyond the strange lightning, he looked into the all black eyes of a sneering being. And it looked back.

He jerked his head back.

Bia't looked into his eyes, still seated. Ice crystals had formed over her hands holding his. He pulled himself gingerly away and sat.

"What did you do to me?"

"Without a relationship to such worlds you must need a guide. My own people harnessed and squandered such gifts thousands of years ago. We rose, fell again and again until we reached the state you know as the Imperium now. Superstitious, hateful, both rejecting the wonders of the mind even as we place them on the pedestal of godhood..." Bia't brushed the ice from her hands. "I do not know why you have seen such things, nor how In'o'la as a hololith could possibly dream, but you both have. I will guide you if I can, lead you if I must... We shall do so together."
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Re: Into Silence: Latchkey

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As always amazing sir!

Some day you'll have to write up all your tau etiquette so the rest of us less talented people can incorporate into out stories. :smile:
Calmsword wrote:Bia't tilted her head and waited the traditional 'three beats' as the apology was received. It was a Tau gesture, something simple that every Tau across space did instinctually. To see an alien do it as casually was remarkable unsettling yet comforting.

The 'TauMan Abides

PS. "Du'cha" ? I have a guess what this means, but you'll can PM with the real translation. Which reminds me, we have to come up with a 'Lexicon of Tau Cuss Words and Oaths'. Something more than snae'ta anyway.
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