Into Silence: Nightmare's for the dreamless

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Into Silence: Nightmare's for the dreamless

Post#1 » Jul 21 2013 05:14

This is my attempt at writing a story so forgive me if it's not very good. anyway enjoy :biggrin:

Hasah’teruk prayed for the spirits of his fallen kindred as he lit the incense. After the failed negotiations with the Dasur’tio, and the violence that followed, Hasah’teruk, the lone survivor, has lived a life of silence in honour and remembrance for his kindred and lifelong friend Por’O Tai’Rhei Kel Sahn Vit’Rizt.

Breathing in the thick blue smoke; his throat clicking as he opens his mind to the wisdom of his elders, he rubs the prayer beads, given to him by O’Tai’rhei, in his hand and rolls the spirit stones into the burning causing the smoke to become a flurry of colours. His eyelids flicker as images appear in his mind, voices cry out from nowhere. He sees a cyan orb pulsing with light, suddenly the orb is attacked by a virus that quickly consumes the orb’s energy turning it a deathly brown. As the silence returns to the chambers the orb slowly regains life a thick red tsunami drowns the orb from above.

Before Hasah’teruk could see more his trance is disturbed by a knock at his chamber door. Opening his eyes he wills the door open with the power of his mind, gained by the consumption of psychic creatures. Hasah’teruk extinguishes the burner as Noran Allucdia, a Terran born Gue’vesa, enters the room coughing as the smoke begins to disappear. He brushes his blonde hair out of his face as Hasah stands putting the beads around his neck.

“We’ve been called in to see Por’O Tilah Be’hal. Think he’s got a new assignment?”
Hasah straightens his robe and leaves the room, turns to face Noran and tilts his head signalling him to follow.
“Chatty as always I see” Noran Jokes as he follows Hasah down the corridor.

Por’O Tilah Be’hal is stood at the window in his office, his arms folded behind his back, as he so often does in times of stress. Outside in the courtyard the tranquil breeze gently sways the trees. His stern features reflect in the window as his mind gets lost in thought after the meeting with Aun’O Kath’lan he has had feelings of dread and despair. He is brought out of his reverie as his door chimes

“Enter” He says as he rubs his brow

Hasah’teruk, Noran and a small group of Por’las enter the office. The old Kroot bows and steps to the side as the Por’la hand data slates to their master.

“How can we be of service sir?” Ask Noran as the Por’las leave the room

“Sigh …We have our work cut out my friends” O’Tilah Be’hal as he pours himself a drink

Hasah tilts his head as he makes a clicking noise with his jaw.

“As the empire advances towards the third sphere we think back to those lost to the empire. Are you both familiar with the zone of silence?”

“The planet’s that were attacked by the ‘nids?” Asks Noran

“Yes, after the Y’he or ‘nids’ if you like we lost contact with the system. We have been asked to join the fleet to go to the system and make contact with anyone of the empire still alive there?”

“How do we know there’s anyone left? Last thing I heard ‘nids don’t leave anything”

“Things change over time. We are to join our Kel’shan brothers and search a planet designated DE-875-A3E. We have reason to believe that a small colony has made home there, although they know not of the greater good we are to go out and make them part of the empire”

After their meeting Noran and Hasah make their way to the food hall. On the way the pass a group of Kroot from the De'ech'haha kindred stationed on the planet, Hasah emits a warm sweet scent as a sign of greeting which is received by multi tonal chirps from the others.

"Is that you?" Noran asks as he sniffs the air "I'll never get used to being around you"

Finally they reach the food hall. After they get their meals they find an empty table and kneel beside it.

"I miss meat" Noran says as he picks at his grain based meal "Now I respect that its only allowed on special occasions but come on, you get to eat it"

Hasah looks at his dish of Wodax, a slimy worm like creature, served raw, known for its high nutrient count as much as it’s vile taste, and hands the dish over to Noran who, after smelling the almost rotting aroma of the meal, politely refuses.

"How can you eat that? It's not even food"

"It gives great strength" They both look at the source of the sound, standing behind Noran is Shaper Akt'ero the shaper of De'ech'haha. Hasah emits a spicy musk as Akt'ero creates a sickly sweet scent as they both greet each other.

"Wish I didn't eat my meat rations in one go now" Noran mutters to himself as Hasah and Akt'ero have a silent conversation.

"Beware ... Silence brings death" Warns Akt'ero

"I have had visions during spirit sleep. I know of the dangers" Replies Hasah. Akt’ero leaves and after they finished their meal they leave and head back to their quarters.

Hasah enters the dimly lit chamber; the only furnishing in the room are the burners he uses in mediation, a pelt in the floor that he sleeps on and a small selection of maintenance tools for keeping his weapons in working condition. He picks up his fusion lance; a special weapon built by the earth caste for his service as bodyguard for the greater good, and starts sharpening the blade, the vision of the drowned sphere playing on his mind.

The call for redeployment came sooner than Hasah and Noran expected, after receiving the order docket from Por'la Ur'isa they made their way to Por'O Tilah Be'hal's office.

"I hear the Kel'shan aren't very welcoming to none Tau" says Noran repeating some of the rumours he heard floating around his fellow Gue'vesa

Hasah just shrugs his shoulders in response. As they reach the office they see a pair of Shas'la on guard outside.

"We've been asked to see Por'O Tilah Be'hal"

The Shas'la on the right turns his head towards the pair and tilts his head towards the door.

"Does no one say anything anymore?" Jokes Noran as they enter the office. Once inside they find Tilah Be'hal sharing a drink with an air caste pilot

"Ah just in time, this here is Kor'ui Fitr'il, he's here to take us to the fleet. Now I hope you have everything you need with you because we're about to leave" Tilah says as he throws the last bit of his drink down his throat.
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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

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The flight to the fleet was going smoothly, although the journey still had another kai’rotaa and anything was possible. The vessel they are on houses very little in terms of luxury apart from a communal hall for the Tau to enjoy their craft and a combat simulator.

Hasah and Noran join Tilah Be’hal in his temporary office alongside Fio’el Aang’ma

“As you can see, recent scans have shown a high level of toxic radiation on the planet that I believe even the Shas’ armour cannot fully protect them from” Tilah explains as he pours his third drink of the meeting.

“What’s causing the radiation?” Asks Noran before the Aang’ma could respond

“That is unclear; we have yet to find the source” Tilah enters a code into his terminal and a holo projection of the planet appears before him “As you can see the planet is covered in a fog that is making it hard to thoroughly examine the planet”

“How do you know there’s life on it?”

Without saying a word the Fio, his mind already lost in thought about some form of environment suit, stands, and bows and leaves the room giving a nod to Hasah on his way out.

“Bye then” Noran says sarcastically

“Looks like he’s got something in mind already. Anyway a relay station near the zone had recently picked up a signal from the planet” Tilah presses a few more buttons on his terminal and the speakers built into his desk play the recordings, the audio is mainly static. Hasah walks closer to the speakers as he focuses on a sound he hears whispering behind the static, Noran is about to speak but is quieted by Hasah holding his hand up.

“Can you hear it?” Asks Tilah

“What?” Asks a bewildered Noran

“There’re voices in the static, mainly screams but there also sounds like a whisper. For some reason I am unable to erase the static as the voices are not on any frequency I can single out”

The midnight blue quills on Hasah’s head start to tremble as he realises the screams are the ones he’s been hearing during his spirit sleep.

“What’s wrong?” Tilah asks his friend

Hasah looks at Tilah and shakes his head, the muscles in his jaw clench with tension. A deep chirp is made in his thorax as he stares at the display of the planet.

“Are you ok?” asks Noran as he walks over to the Kroot and places a hand on his shoulder.

Hasah points to a tiny spot on the display clear of any fog. Tilah and Noran lean in to see what the Dark Violet creature is pointing at

“To! How did we miss that?” Tilah says spitting his drink all over his desk. He makes a note of the spots location and sends the information to the fleet.

Fio’el Aang’ma finally reaches his workshop; he pugs the data slate into his console and uploads the information about the planet. As the data transfer starts; he brings up a 3D projection of the fire caste’s armour. “This just won’t do” he says as he starts stripping the armour off the digital model and grabs a pad of paper, even though he has access to high levels o technology Aang'ma prefers a more archaic approach to jotting his ideas “This won't do at all. Maybe I can make a compound of adamantine and carbon ... But how will they move fluidly? ... Maybe I can increase the density of the fatigues? .... How will the breather system cope with the corrosion? Will it filter the toxic fumes enough?" He mutters to himself as he surrounds himself in an increasing pile of discarded scribbles and doodles.

Light dances off the blade as it slices through the arm of a humanoid training droid, Hasah’teruk leans under the blow of a hammer from another droid then flips in the air smashing its head off with the heel of his foot. As a droid is disposed another two are unleashed into the training zone, he grips the bottom of his lance and launches it at the first of the two new comers pinning while Noran, his twin pistols drawn, ducks as the lance flies over his head and fires his automatic pistol at its comrade. The lance strikes the droid and pins it to the wall as sparks fly out of its wound while the second collapses, its head shredded to fragments. Since the pair had been drawn to be honour guards they have spent endless hours training together. Both have custom weapons built by Fio’vre Deitoorik to suit their methods of fighting, Hasah’s fusion lance is an amalgamation pole arm and close range weapon, the weapon conquers Hasah in height making it perfect for his attack and retreat fighting style he and his kindred used while defending the cornered tau from the dark eldar. The firearm is a micro fusion blaster that can penetrate most shields and a close range slingshot rifle that fires solid rounds with enough force to destroy an enemy’s armour. Since turning his back on the Imperium for the greater good, Noran has excelled in fire fights thanks to the tuition of the fire caste. Although his enrolment into the ranks of honour guard was mainly political he has yet to prove the decision wrong. He carries a collection of firearms that he has been either gifted or scavenged, since they are practicing survival in a small enclosing he has opted for his twin pistol made by vre’Deitoorik one is a custom fit burst pistol, named Savora, which is a smaller version of the XV’s burst rifle. The sister pistol, Savina, is an 8 shot contraption, its shots are that powerful it has to be used in conjunction with an arm brace to suppress the kick back and keep his arm in one piece.
Hasah holds his hand out and wills his weapon to return to him, as the pole arm flies through the air, the droids husk comes with it. As the pole arm reaches its master another droid strikes out blade and shield combo, Hasah pulls the husk closer to him then kicks it off the blade and into the attacking droid, he senses another attack coming from behind, Noran, with a little mental guidance from Hasah, blasts the shield wielding droid with Savina. Hasah thrusts the butt of the lance into the ground adding power to his leap, narrowly missing the thrust of the droid’s spear. While airborne he turns the lance in the air and plunges the blade through the droids head as he lands on its shoulders. As they dispatch more and more droids the quickly find themselves out matched.
“Damn, I’m out of ammo” shouts Noran as he puts Savora in her holster and dives out of the way of a decapitating swing of an axe. He reaches round and unsheathes a long slim line blade from his back. He swings the blade in the air as he gets used to its weight, the blade humming as it glides through the air. “I’m going to need your help now”
Hasah nods and places a hand on his brow, his two fingers pointing up, and braces his legs. His breathing slows as well as time, or so it always appears to him as he enters Tok’toalt’yen, more commonly known as battle focus, normally a hunting method used by Kroot to detect small prey Hasah uses his psychic energy to further enhance his senses to astonishing heights. Noran feels a chill in the air as Hasah enters his ‘battle focus’, as the droids close in on the pair Noran receives split second images from Hasah showing him the enemies attack patterns and his attacks are guided by Hasah’s will. Droid after droid is cut down by the pair’s blade, the human and alien fighting as one. Hasah’s blade narrowly misses Noran’s head as it is thrust into a droid while Noran strikes around Hasah’s body to pierce a droid he cannot see. Finally the swarm of droids are crushed and Hasah collapses to his hands and knees as he comes out of Tok’toalt’yen, he breathing comes in hard rasps and blood trickles out of his nose.

“I thought you had control over it?” asks Noran as he picks his friend up and helps him over to a bench.

Hasah waves a hand in dismissal as he wipes the blood with the back of his other

“Seriously we shouldn’t be going that far if it’s going to affect you like this. In future just keep them away from me”

Hasah looks at Noran, he jaw clenches in frustration as his quills shudder and slightly spread out

“I know why you do it” Noran continues; ignorant to his friend’s aggravation “You blame yourself for the loss of O’Tai’rhei and your Kin but you did all could and that’s all there is to it. Punishing yourself isn’t going to change anything and pushing yourself too far isn’t going to make you strong...” Noran is cut off as Hasah grabs him by the throat and lifts him in the air. Hasah’s skin shimmers as rage consumes him, his quills stiffen and his muscles tighten. He emits a strong sour odour along with a low whine. Although Hasah has no pupils Noran knows he’s staring straight into his eyes.

“Ha...Hasah... ple...please” Noran stutters as he gasps for air.

Noran slumps to the floor as Hasah suddenly releases his grip, he stares at his unconscious friend wide eyed, his quills go limp and he almost whimpers as he realises what he did. He kneels next to Noran checking that his friend is ok.

“Chaos consumes the best of us. Being a psyker is blessing and a curse in one. As you unleash great powers it consumes your soul at the same time”

Hasah turns round to face the voice as he picks his friend up. Calurit, a rogue psyker that was on the run from the imperial inquisition until he joined the empire, stands in the midst of the destroyed droids his hands behind his back. He steps over a droid spitting sparks from an open wound and straightens his brown leather long coat. “Rule number one of the psyker rule book: control your emotions” he says as he holds the remaining human finger, the others being bionic, on his right hand. “As Noran says you are wracked with guilt, I can read it in your aura. That will draw darkness to you which will devour your soul. You’ve seen what it will do to you”

Hasah’s shoulders slump as the Calurit’s words hit home hard.

“Take him to the medi bay then come find me” Says Calurit as he runs his left hand through his black and white beard.
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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

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Hasah dashes through the narrow corridors as he carries his friend’s limp body close to him; he almost throws Noran’s body over a group a Fio’las as he squeezes past them. As he draws closer to the Gue’vesa section of the ship Hasah’s notices the difference in their way of living compared to the Tau’s. In contrast to the stark and organised way of the tau, the Gue’vesa’s section is almost pure chaos as supply crates are left in the hallways and small groups of Gue’vesa hang around the corridors in idle conversation. Hasah sends out a soft mental pulse to warn the people to get out of his way. Some of the Gue’vesa notice their old captain unconscious in the old Kroot’s arms.
“Is the captain ok?” Asks a beautifully voluptuous woman, although wearing her combat fatigues her feminine figure still stands out, many of the men have tried to win the heart of the soldier they have all been shot down by her fiery temper.

Hasah ignores the woman and makes his way to the medical bay when a charcoal stained hand grabs his arm

“I said is the captain ok?” says the woman soldier with clear anger in her voice.

Hasah looks at the woman in her blue eyes that would be compared to the colour of the oceans of ancient Terra by those that had seen them.

He does not say anything to her but looks at Noran and makes a soft clicking noise, even though she does not fully understand what the alien is saying she does understand the hurt he is feeling, helped by Hasah’s psychic touch. “The doctor’s this way” she says with sudden calmness and leads Hasah through the Gue’vesa’s communal hall. Their entrance to the hall is met with whistles from the male members of the army but, as is usually the case, they do not last long as the woman’s scowl quickly silences them. They rush through the hall and reach the medical bay, inside the doctor’s room the ‘Tau-ness’ of the ship suddenly re-appears as Hasah looks around the sterile white room, although there are many cabinets placed around the room and beds there is very little out on display save a few medical devices and charts. The main doctor is sat a desk in the corner reading through patient’s notes. He raises his head at the new comers, his bionic eyes adjusting as he focuses on the pair. Almost half machine Dr Franklier has had his legs, left arm, eyes and left ear replaced with bionics after losing them all in an explosion while trying to heal a soldier with a bullet wound.

“Ah Riza, I see you’ve been making friend’s” Jokes the doctor noticing Hasah “What can I help you with?”

As Riza moves to the side the doctor’s eyes whir as he finally notices Noran lying in Hasah’s arms.

“Oh my, please lay him on that bed” says Franklier as he picks up a bio scanner “Do you know what happened?”

“No I just saw them in corridor and brought them straight over” Riza replies as she makes adjusts the pillow under Noran’s head “He hasn’t said anything either” she points at Hasah as she takes a seat beside the patient

“Please don’t touch him with those filthy hands” the Doctor warns as he scans Noran’s vitals

“My hands are stained this way; it’s part of being flamer” Riza replies as he looks at her black hands which contrast her pale white skin.

“His vitals seem to be ok; he’s just passed out from lack of oxygen. Now will you explain to me how this happened?” he asks staring up at the space that Hasah once occupied.

Hasah dashes back through the corridors as he mentally reaches out to Calurit. Like a homing beacon he feels a pulse of energy guiding him to his destination. As he draws closer to Calurit’s room the pulsing becomes more rapid and as he stands in front of Calurit’s door it becomes a constant throbbing sensation. He knocks on the door and the sensation stops.

“Enter” He hears Calurit shout from inside.

As he enters the room he takes note of the furnishings Calurit has brought with him from his years as a rogue trader. Although Calurit is not an expert fighter his wall is covered in exotic weapons from all manner of species, some look too big for him to wield while others do not even look useable to him. Calurit is sat in the middle of the room; he has stripped down to his waist revealing a huge scar across his chest which he received after raiding a cultist camp.

“Please sit” He says as he gestures for Hasah to sit in front of him.

Hasah sits down with his legs folded, there is a long silence as Calurit breathes deeply with his eyes closed.

“I can sense your regret, it’s painted all over your aura” Calurit says finally opening his eyes “You need to let go off this in order to progress ... You’ve not ad your powers long have you?”

Hasah shakes his head

“Then you need to face your ‘demons’ before they destroy your will and trust me we don’t want that to happen” he chuckles as he scratches at the scar on his chest “Now close your eyes and empty your mind”

Hasah closes his eyes; suddenly he feels pressure against his head as Calurit places his hands on him

“Relax, now I’m going to attempt to see into your mind”

Calurit finds himself surrounded by Kroot, like a smudge of white in a sea of purple; he looks around and notices a tall cyan character, almost as tall as an ethereal but does not demand your attention as much. He walks over to the tau who is speaking to what appears to be the shaper of the kindred.

“Have the pathfinders secured the area?” asks the Tau

“Nothing has been said” Replies the Kroot in guttural clicking tone

“I don’t like this place; something doesn’t feel right about it”

“There are many things you do not like”

“Well this is another of those things. How are your kindred doing?”

“There are many things out there, they are strong, they are happy”

“Ha ha ha you have an interesting outlook on life my friend”

“Our path is of strength we find that which makes us stronger”

“I know. I know”

The aliens are approached by a Shas and after a brief conversation salutes and leaves.

“Right all the Shas are in place. The fire warriors are going ahead to secure the area, the rail team are in position with the sniper drone team. Looks like it’s just us now Hasah’teruk, let’s go find these Dasur’tio”

Calurit gasps as he realises who the shaper, Hasah looks like a complete different creature and it is not just because he is without clothing but also his posture is strong and confident whereas he now looks almost enlightened, through the process of elimination as realises that the tau is Por’O Tai’Rhei, although he has a professional manner when talking to the rest of his kind he appears to be a more likeable character around Hasah and his Kindred. As Hasah bounds off to his kindred Calurit witness’ time speed up at an alarming rate.

He sees the meeting with the hulking; four armed creatures he assumes are the Dasur’tio. As the sped up negotiations go on explosions go off in the distance where the pathfinders are, Dasur’tios ambush the fire warriors leaving only Hasah and his kindred to defend O’Tai’Rhei. As the fight begins time slowly returns to normal, Calurit sees Kroot after Kroot fall to the blades of the brutal Dasur’tio all the while Hasah, never leaving O’Tai’Rhei’s side, is fighting with every inch of his life while O’Tai’Rhei is calling in for evacuation. Finally they reach the evacuation point, Hasah and the remaining Kroot in his kindred fight off the Dasur’tios that are slowly surrounding them. Hasah witnesses the death of his kindred as they are overwhelmed by both strength and numbers of their foe. Hasah grabs his friend and throws him over his shoulder as he bounds for a cliff edge which hastily climbs as shots of plasma are fired in his direction. He finds a crevice in the cliff and pushes O’Tai’Rhei inside it.

“Stay low. Stay Hidden” He commands as his friend gives him his Sio’t beads

“These once belonged to my father’s friend; he claimed they gave him luck on the battle field. Take them and beg they work”

Hasah stands at the entrance of the crevice and fights off any creature that reaches them. As the Orca ship appears in the sky Hasah realises that there is no clear landing zone. “Call ship. I clear space, they land. Jump down and run to it. It’s not far” and at that Hasah dives off the cliff and into a crowd of Dasur’tio, his staff cleaves through the creatures as his superior agility out paces them. With the aid of the ships support a land zone is created and the ships hover ready for evacuation, while the support ships fly overhead clearing the big numbers and the Shas leave the ship and create a firebase to defend the ship. Hasah bounds towards the cliff as O’Tai’Rhei leaves the crevice and climbs down. AS O’Tai’Rhei’s hooves hit the floor the shadow of a hulking Dasur’tio covers him. Hasah Squawks as he becomes a helpless spectator of his friend’s demise. The crimson creature grabs the helpless Por’O with all four arms and pulls. O’Tai’Rhei screams as his body is slowly pulled apart. The creature roars as he is washed in the purple gore as O’Tai’Rhei’s body is split at the waist. Hasah roars in anger at the sight of his friend’s death. Veins bulge in his head as anger flows through his body, he charges at the creature, his spear bouncing with each step he takes. Hasah feels a surge of energy build inside him, as he reaches the creature he leaps in the air and launches his spear at it. He lands on top of the creature and impales his knife into its right eye socket as this happens more Dasur’tio surround them. Hasah slowly rises as he relishes in the creatures agonising screams, he looks round as the savages charge at him. His bulge as the power grows inside him; his head throbs as his pain awakens his psychic abilities. Hasah roars as a he sends a shockwave around him, throwing the Dasur’tio in all directions. He summons his spear which instantly returns in his hand. Like a creature of nightmares he cleaves his way through the stunned foes. The blade of his spear dances through flesh while his mind punches through skulls and tears limbs as if they’re made of paper. The fire warriors all board the orca unknowing that Hasah is still alive. Noticing the ship lifting off Hasah leaps over a group Dasur’tio and latches onto the cliff, he creates a blade of energy round his hands and quickly scurries up the cliff matching the Orca’s ascent. As he reaches the top of the cliff the ships flies overhead, a single fire warrior is perched on at the door firing at the horde. Hasah bounds after the ships and with more momentum then he should wield he hurls at the lone soldier. Soaring through the air like a rocket Hasah slowly starts to descend mere meters from the ship, with a squawk of frustration he launches a piece of ground up to him and uses it to conquer the gap to the Orca.

Calurit gasps as he disconnects himself from Hasah, blood trickles out of his nose.

“Well that was interesting” he says as he gasps for breath “I understand why you blame yourself, but you did all you could”

Hasah exhales and slumps his shoulders

“Here take this, I don’t know who wrote it but it’s full of teachings to strengthen the mind against the corruption of chaos”
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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

Post#4 » Jul 21 2013 05:29

Noran opens his eyes for the first time in what feels like days for him, the light of the room burns his eyes while they adjust from the darkness of unconsciousness. He looks round the room searching for a familiar face; he notices the Riza passed out next to his bed, a string of drool falling from her open mouth.

“Graceful as ever I see” he jokes to no one

“She’s been here all this time” Noran jumps as Franklier appears out of nowhere

“How long have I been out?”

“Just a day, I hear we’re not far from our destination”

“And Hasah’Teruk?”

“The Kroot? Not seen him since he brought you in. I hear he’s not left his room since”

“He’s cleansing himself of chaos” Calurit says as he enters the room, The doctors eyes whir as they focus on the psyker, Calurit wills a chair across the room and sits next to Noran's bed and casually rests his feet on the edge of it while spinning a pair of dog tags on his human finger.

“What do you mean? He’s not corrupted” asks Noran with disgust as his thoughts turn to memories of fighting the cultists of chaos

“No but it’s slowly worming its way in. I’ve given him some techniques to purge the taint. You know it wasn’t him that did that to you?”

“Didn’t stop it from hurting like feth though” Noran replies as he rubs his neck “What happened to him?”
“His guilt took over; his body was temporarily possessed by something”

“How is he now?”

“Why do you care?” asks Riza as she finally wakes up and wipes the drool from her face

“He’s still my friend; I’ve been working with him since I became O’Tilah’s body guard. You’d feel the same if it happened to me”

“Well ... yeah but you’re my Captain” She replies as her cheeks turn red

“Looks like that’s not the only reason, you sly old dog” Calurit jokes while nudging Noran with his elbow

Suddenly a boot flies across the room and hits Calurit in the chest; he looks up and sees a very angry and bootless Riza staring back at him. “I’ve got another if want it?” she threatens

“Calm down missy I was only joking” and saying that he receives the other boot hitting him in the head this time

“If you two want to flirt then take it outside” Bellows Franklier, he hand shaking while he itches his arm, having recently quit smoking, due to lack of resources, he has become snappy at the smallest thing.

Hasah snaps the book closed, since getting back to his quarters he’s fully read the book four times, he grabs his burners, lights an incense and meditates. As the smoke fills the room he makes his breathing heavier, inhaling the smoke and enters his subconscious.

Out of nowhere he feels a slight breeze stroking his flesh; confused he opens his eyes to find himself deep in a lush green forest. Although the forest is silent he notices life all around him, he stands up and walks along a pat. The breeze gets stronger and with it he hears multiple voices whispering.
“You let them die”
“You are weak”
“It’s all your fault”
“You should never have left him!”
Hasah tries to ignore the bitter attacks at him, he quickens his pace but the voices seem to follow him. The creatures watch him as he passes, their faces melt and fire burns out of their eyes. As panic sinks in he turns off of the path and into the forest, fighting off the branches as the forest gets thicker and thicker. Suddenly he trips on an exposed root. Instead of hitting the ground he falls through it.

El’Aang’ma circles the mannequin while his droids assemble the suit he designed for the fifth time, he removes his goggles and wipes sweat from his brow using an oil stained cloth, oblivious to the smear of oil now on his forehead. He lifts the left arm up and notices the added material catches on the shoulder guard of the suit.

“No no no no no!!!!!! “ He shouts as he rips the sleeve off the mannequin. He grabs the shoulder and studies it while rubbing a hand on his square shaped chin. He stops as he notices the drones staring at him waiting for him to respond. “Away away” he says waving the drones away.

“Shall we destroy the suit?” Asks Feek’ah a red and white droid with multiple appendages all fitted with different tools.

“No no my dear Feek’ah, this still has promise”

“Then we shall adjourn till further notice” and at that Feek’ah blips and the other drones go back to their docking stations. Feek’ah hovers next to Aang’ma a little longer

“Yes?” asks Aang’ma after the noise of the drone’s suspension system starts to annoy him

“I fail to see the problem with the suit”

“The extra sleeve material combined with the stronger shoulder guard will cause tears in the insulation”

“Would it not be wise to have the guard and sleeve as one?”

Aang’ma chuckles while rubbing his brow “How?”


“How did I not think of that?” He replies as rushes over to his desk and grabs his sketch pad.

If it wasn’t for the wind hitting his face he wouldn’t know if he was still falling as there is no ground that he can see. Suddenly like a man at sea, he spots a tiny island in the distance and as it draws closer he notices a lone canine like creature sat in the middle. He suddenly lands light as feather feet first; the creature tilts its head and stares at him as if it is examining him. Hasah braces himself for an attack and reaches for his knife which is not there.

“Relax old friend I’m not going to hurt you”

Hasah is startled not only by the creature talking but also because he recognises the creature’s voice.

“Tai’Rhei?” Hasah asks his voice dry and alien to him as he hasn’t spoken in so long.

“It’s been a long time, you look so different” Tai’Rhei stands and walks over to Hasah. Hasah notices a purple ring of fur around Tai’Rhei’s stomach.

“Why are you here? Is this your spirit form?”

“I’m the guilt that’s eating away at you; you need to face me to overcome it. As for this form, this is how you picture my spirit form for some reason. I never quite understood why you always perceived your spirits in animal form but then everyone has different views”
“I’m sorry”

“For what?”

“Not saving you”

“You did all you could”

“Noran! Glad to see you’re awake!” Bellows Tilah his cheeks bright purple and a short glass of Tema’oyan an amber liqueur known for its high narcotic qualities when mixed with T’roi nectar

“See you’ve started without me again” he replies nodding to the glass

“Ahhh just warming up my friend” he says as he takes a sip “How you feeling?”

“Pretty good, how long till we get reach the fleet?”

“Only a quarter of a Kai’rotaa left. I brought you this” Tilah produces a half empty bottle of Tema’oyan

“Thanks, are you keeping the rest safe?” Noran jokes as he notices half of the bottle has already been drunk

“Hey, don’t want my body guard to be intoxicated now do we? Have you seen Hasah?”

“No I was going to ask you the same thing”

“I hear he’s not left his room after all this time” interjects Riza as she takes the bottle from Noran and pours all three of them a drink “Calurit says fasting is part of the ‘cleansing ritual’ or something like that”

Tai’Rhei wretch’s forward, his back heaving as something crawls underneath his skin.

“I don’t have much time” he says as his body painful tears itself apart from the inside. “There are two sides to this, forgiveness and acceptance”

“But how can you forgive me?”

“Hey I’m not even real, I’m a figment of your imagination and you must forgive yourself before you can accept that what happens happens. Now do you understand?”

“… I forgive” Hasah replies after a long pause, his friend grunting in pain as his body starts to change.

“Good, now the … hard part…fight me … good bye my friend” Tai’Rhei says through gritted teeth the last part only a whisper in Hasah’s mind. He throws himself up on his hind legs as his back bends backwards, his mouth melts and forms a mass on tendrils, closely resembling the Y’he’s lictor. Bones crack as they break n reform, his arms bulge as muscle expands tearing his flesh which quickly rebuilds itself. Finally the mutation ends, Hasah stands eye level with Tai’Rhei’s heaving chest. Tai’Rhei slams a titanic fist into the floor causing Hasah to lose his balance, as he stumbles away he finds that his lance has suddenly appeared in its sheath on his back. Tai’Rhei roar’s after him, his tendrils waving as mucus flies out of his mouth. Hasah turns to face his friend, lance in hand and charges at the monster. As he bounds towards Tai’Rhei he faces the slingshot towards the ground and pulls the firing pin as far as his muscles allow it, once fired he uses the concussive force to throw him in the air. AS he passes Tai’Rhei’s head he swings the lance down removing two tendrils. Before he could land the raging monster back hands Hasah throwing him to the edge of the island. Digging his lance in the ground he slows his momentum, narrowly missing the drop, as he turns round he notices the hulking creature charging towards him and Hasah returns the favour. Before the two creatures meet Hasah launches his lance, as it impales Tai’Rhei’s chest he jumps, grabs it and slices up slicing through the monster’s chest and throat. In a final act of defiance the creature uses the bit of its strength and snatches Hasah out of the air and throws him off the edge of the island.
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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

Post#5 » Jul 21 2013 12:37

Hi T113,

Thank you for posting this, it made for a great evening read ;)
I think that you're developing Hasah's character really well, and I am interested to see how you plan to continue. I also really liked how you imagined and incorporated the Kroot mysticism (I love the monk-ish feel of it :P)
I think you have done a very good job with this piece, especially so considering this is, as you said, your first time writing a story. (I dread to remember my first attempts.. :::( )

One thing I do want to address, however, is that you should proof read your writing a bit more. I found a few missing full stops and commas as well. (Especially when you end a paragraph, you tend to forget to put the full stop.)

There was a format issue I saw as well. When you write your direct speech, you do not put a punctuation mark at the end of the quote and you then start the last bit of the sentence with a capital. (Eg: "Aren't those orks so silly" Joked Commander Farsight)
I believe you should put a comma at the end of the quote if you are going to continue the sentence, and do not capitalise it. (So it should instead read: "Aren't those orks so silly," joked Commander Farsight.)

This also means that when you do not continue the sentence, there should be a full stop at the end of the quote. (Eg: "Red ones go faster." rather than "Red ones go faster")

Those were the main issues I think.

However, you're story telling is quite enjoyable and it is clear you have a knack for good plot.

I wish you good luck for the rest of this, I look forward to it :D


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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

Post#6 » Jul 25 2013 03:26

Ah gramma my longest foe so we meet again :dead:

I apologise for my mistakes I will take note for
future posts, thank you for pointing these mistakes out.

Glad you're enjoying the story so far, it means a lot :biggrin:

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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

Post#7 » Aug 13 2013 08:05

“Sir we’ve received a message from Fleetmaster Yama’nan,” says Por’la Ur’isa as he hands a data slate to O’Tilah “In short he’s warning us that the fleet will be making its jump soon and wants to know what the delay is.”

“Thank you La’Ur’isa, tell him we’ll be there shortly,” he replies as he skims through the data slate, swilling his drink in its glass as he reads.

“And what about our delay sir?”

“Just tell him we had technical issues.”

“But the ships in great condition. Sir, if you don’t mind my asking, why are we delayed?”

Tilah takes a bug gulp of his drink, turning his cheeks a purple hue, “I was informed by the mind warrior Calurit that Hasah’s ‘cleansing’ would take time and he can’t be disturbed throughout or he could be lost in his own mind, so I told the Kors to slow down a little.”

“Yama’nan’s not going to be happy with this.”

“Ahhh I’ll charm him over. We go way back.”

La’Ur’isa turns about to leave the room, he turns again to face Tilah, “Sir, is the Kroot worth it? He’s already failed us once when we lost O’Tai’Rhei. I wouldn’t allow him to carry on as honour guard let alone have him cause this delay.”

“First of all O’Tai’Rhei died in service to the Greater Good, that wasn’t Hasah’s doing, you’ve read the report so you should know that or are you letting your Kel’shan prejudices cloud your judgement? And secondly he’s a valued member of my retinue; he and Noran are not only my close friends but also a symbol of what the Greater Good is. Is there anything else Por’la? No? Then thank you for the message.”

An ashamed La’Ur’isa bows and leaves the room without saying a word.

Noran and Riza clink glasses as they sit in a booth in the Gue’Vesa mess hall. A small group have started playing old songs from their home worlds as the rest join in the sing song.

“Glad to see you’re up and running sir,” Riza says with a bright smile on her face.

“How many times do I have to tell you Valetzi? I’m not your captain anymore.”

“Sorry Noran, force of habit, how’re you feeling?”

“Fine now, although Franklier’s stress has worn me out a little.”

“Well he has quit smoking so he’s never in a good mood.”

“Life just gets better and better for him. Anyway I wanted to thank you.”

“What for?”

“For being there while I was cooped up in recovery. You’re still as loyal as ever.”

Riza starts to blush and quickly finishes her drink, “Well ... I... thought you could ... use the company.”

Noran slowly slides a hand across the table and grasps Riza’s. She starts to pull back in shock but quickly relaxes as she looks Noran in his dark green eyes.

“Thank you.”

“Ahem it was nothing,” feeling braver then usual around Noran she slowly starts to lean in to kiss him, her heart pounding harder and harder as excitement builds up.

“I’m going to see if Hasah’s ok. We’ll have to have another drink once we join the fleet, shouldn’t be long now,” he says as he stands up, totally oblivious to what was happening.

“Oh … yeah … sure,” she replies disheartened.

Falling … all he remembers is falling; his name has faded from memory, where he is, is a mystery. All he knows is the endless depth in which he falls. The lifeless sky slowly darkens and the wind dies destroying any sense of reality. Panicking, he holds his hands in front of in a meagre attempt to make sense of what is going on, the darkness intensifies until he is engulfed in darkness. He calls out to no one, not even his echo replies. Desperate he tries to remember who he is; images rush to his mind and as quickly as they appear they fade. His hand brushes against something wet and slimy, he pulls his hand back as the slime solidifies; feeling again touches something soft and flesh.

“Hasah,” a voice whispers.

He looks around finding the voice and the name oddly familiar.

“Hasah don’t let it consume you.”

He opens his mouth to reply but nothing comes out. He reaches out to grab whatever he touched but there was nothing there, his arms moving slowly as if in water. His head throbs as he struggles to grasp any sense of what is happening.

“Remember who you are or you will be lost forever.”

Visions attack him like a lightning storm, flash after flash of creatures of all shapes and sizes bonding and working together. He frequently sees a slender blue humanoid creature, wearing long flowing robes of white with a golden trim, talking to a smaller fleshy coloured creature with shoulder length blonde hair, they are often seen laughing and drinking together. He feels like he knows them and sometimes he sees a third creature, taller than the other, a purple being with dark blue quills on the back of its head, it wears a set of red beads around its neck and wears robes of black and blue with similar trim to that of the blue one. His head throbs as his concentration increases; realisation slowly builds as the faces become more familiar, he hears the voice again but this time its clearer.

“Hasah’Teruk time is short, remember!!”

“Who are you?” he finally manages to speak.

“Hasah!” the voice continues.

The visions continue, he sees more and more images of the purple creature. Suddenly out of the darkness the creature appears before him, it stands at the same height as him, they’re eyes level.

“Who are you?” he asks.

The creature doesn’t respond, instead it stares blankly at him. He lifts a hand to touch it and the being mimics his move, its hand feels cold and warm at the same time as if there is a sense of loss and familiarity to its touch.

“What is this place?”

The other two creatures appear out of the darkness and stand beside the purple stranger.

“You need to remember who you are,” instructs the blue one as it rests a hand on his shoulder.

“You’ve become lost in the darkness,” the shorter one states as it also places a hand on his shoulder, they both then grab the purples shoulders. He looks at all three creatures, confusion on his face, the outer two look at him then at the purple one. He concentrates on the purple creature; although time is a concept lost in the void he locks eyes with the purple one for what seems like hours, it’s silvery eyes shimmer in the none existent light. Suddenly an image appears a face. He leans forward to get a better look; he sees a face, the purple creature’s face.

“What is this?” He asks “Is that me?”

All three creatures start to nod; he leans in closer until he is face to face with the creature. The other two push the two together but instead of them connecting they merge together.

Hasah finally opens his eyes, his skin shimmering as he looks at his shaking hands. His body feels weak as he attacked by the bitter coldness of his room; frost has built in the corners and along the edges of the viewport. He looks up realising he is not alone in the room.

“It is complete,” Calurit says as he hands Hasah a flask of water.

“How do you feel?” asks Noran as he helps Hasah to his feet.

Hasah look at Noran and wraps his arms round him “Ok, not too tight now, I’ve only just got out of the medi bay,” he jokes as he embraces his friend.

“Glad to see you’re awake, we’ve just docked with the Path resurgence, when you’re ready I want you to find your assigned quarters. You’ve both been given special access security level 3 rooms, so you can visit me later, if I survive the meeting with Yama’nan,” Tilah jokes as he places a welcoming hand on Hasah’s shoulder. After Tilah and Calurit leave Hasah slumps down onto bed, Noran awkwardly looks round the room.

“It’s very plain in here,” he jokes trying to fill the silence.

Hasah looks at him and shakes his head.

“Still not talking then?”

Hasah shakes his head a second time.

“Ok, how did it go?”

Hasah looks at his friend for a while then nods.

“Well apart from looking a likely scrawny you look better, you’re posture’s stronger.”

Hasah stands and places a hand on Noran’s shoulder, he makes a slow sympathetic whine.

“I know you’re sorry, but hey we’re both fine so let’s just forget about it. Now come on I want to see the ship.”

They both leave the room and after getting something for Hasah to eat, they finally board the Path Resurgence. They walk down the long cold corridor between the two ships, passing a couple of Fio’s doing maintenance on the way. As they enter the ship Noran, too busy looking at the female Gue’Vesa’s already aboard, trips over a crate. Instead of hearing a thud as he hits the floor Noran lets out a slight groan of pleasure as his head hits the spongy orange floor. Hasah reaches down and grabs his friend’s arm to help him up but Noran pushes his hand away.

“Leave me be for a while, I like this floor. Mmmm so comfy.”

Hasah looks down and slowly places a foot on the floor, the feeling of the floor is alien to him. Its sticky yet spongy texture is like nothing Hasah has felt before. Over the other side of the room he witnesses a group of Pathfinders discovering the strange substance for the first time as well.

“What in the Empire…?” he hears a one of the females say.

Noran finally pulls himself up and nudges Hasah, “So glad we came here, look at this place and the women.”

He points over to a group of female snipers doing maintenance on their weapons. “Long live the empire,” he says as he straightens his hair up “Go and find the room, I’ll come by later.”

Hasah leaves Noran and finds a console and downloads a map of the room onto a data pad that Tilah gave him earlier. After the data is downloaded a holo image of the ship projects off the screen and slowly rooms begin to darken as the words off limit appear in tau then quickly translate into an old rune form that his Kindred used to use. Finally only the rooms he has access to, are visible and a path to his quarters is shown on the display, he turns the console off and starts to make his way to his room when Noran appears rub a swollen red hand printed cheek.

“Well that could’ve gone worse,” he jokes “ shall we go to our rooms then?
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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

Post#8 » Sep 22 2013 05:52

Hasah was finding it difficult to adjust to the luxuries that had been provided to him. He sat on the bed, the mattress absorbing his weight as he sank into it, although he was issued with a military style bunk it was far too lavished compared his simple pelt. He wondered if the other Kroot on the ship had been given the same treatment or if this was just for the body guards of the higher ups. After an uncomfortable Dec Hasah finally gives up trying to adjust and throws the sheets on the floor, sits on them and closes his eyes. He wills for both his weapon and maintenance tools over to him, without touching either of them he slowly disassembles the slingshot rifle with his mind. He tips the bottle of lubricating oil upside down in the air and allows a drop of oil to fall out onto a cloth underneath. He runs the cloth through the firing mechanism and along the barrel. On the far side of the room the console on the wall blinks into life and the face of Yama’nan appears causing Hasah to drop everything.

Noran paced up and down his room, he was never a fan of idleness as his became fidgety and bored. He turned on the vid consoloe in his room and flicked through all the information about the fleet that was available to him. An icon blinks in the corner of the screen and after clicking on it a message from Calurit appears saying

“There is a disturbance in the Warp, I can’t say what it is but I have a bad feeling. Come find me in the human quarters when you get a chance.”

Noran reads the message again unsure if this is one of Calurit’s ‘jokes’ but before he could turn the console off to go find him Yama’nan’s face appears out of nowhere making Noran jump back a little in surprise.

Ever since he came on board Tilah has been bombarded with data slates, containing all kinds of information on the zone of silence, of the attack on He’pha’n and meeting requests from other members of the empire. He puts the data slates down and pours himself a drink while rubbing his brow.

“To! I hope those Fo’tan know what they’re doing.”

He stands up and stretches his arms out and then bends his back until he feels a relieving crack along his spine. He takes his robe off and unclasps his Ch’eon’sam revealing his bare slender chest. He grabs a bottle of his favourite drink and slouches on the chair resting his feet on his desk as he activates his personal console and writes a meeting request to Yama’nan and as the message sent his face appeared on the screen.

“Hey it’s been a while.” Tilah says before realising that it’s a message.

“Tau'faan, gentle beings, citizens of the Empir…”

After the initial shock of the jump the ship became eerily calm in the guards quarters. A handful of guard’s leave their quarter in search of entertainment or to check on their masters. After arriving at the human quarters Noran makes his way to Calurit’s room, where he finds a distressed O’Tilah pacing in the room.

“What’s wrong?” Noran queries as Tilah finally notices his arrival

“Somehow he’s come into contact with the warp,” Calurit replies


“Your guess is as good as mine.”

“I dreamt,” Tilah interjects as he stops pacing, “Or I believe I did … I’ve never witnessed something so terrifying in all my life.”

“Is this the disturbance you mentioned in your message?” Noran asks Calurit as Tilah pours a hot green liquid into a small glass then drinks it in one go.

“No, there’s something in the silence.”

“What do you mean?”

“That’s all I can tell you, someone or something is trying to warn us about something.”

“Any idea who?”

“None. I’ll look when the jump is over, it’s too risky right now.”

“Let me know if you find anything. Is he going to be ok?” Noran asks looking over at Tilah who has passed out face down on the table.

After he finished the maintenance on his weapon Hasah decides to browse the ship and see what is happening in the communal areas. As he passes a cantina he hears a group of Tarellian’s arguing with a small group of humans who have become too rowdy and intoxicated. As the argument becomes more intense the numbers on both sides start to increase. With a slump of his shoulders and a shake of his head Hasah bounds into the room and quickly gets in between two of the creatures that have drawn knives on each other. Before both blades could make contact, Hasah creates a psychic wall that holds the knives in mid-air.

“Get out of the way!” The human commands

“This is our fight!” shouts the Tarellian

Hasah holds his ground and slowly raises his arms out to stop anyone from moving. The Human takes a step forward but is frozen by Hasah’s glare; finally some of the ships security arrive and escorts the aliens back to their sections. As the commotion calms down one of the security officers approaches Hasah, “Thank you for stopping that from getting nasty. You’d think that since they’ve both joined the empire they’d get along better. One step at a time I guess.”

Hasah looks at the shas, shrugs his shoulders, walks over to the bar and points at a drink on the menu.

“On the house,” says the bartender.

After waking up from another night dreaming, Tilah finds himself back in his room.

“What in the empire is happening?” He asks himself as he notices his console is flashing. After stretching and throwing his robe on; he actives the console and opens a message that he received from Yama’nan.

“Well about time,” He quickly types a reply. As the time for their meeting draws near; he sifts through his collection of beverages that he has amassed during his time as a trader in his youth and after selecting some of his finest, he makes his way to Yama’nan’s quarters.

“Enter,” Yama’nan replies as he hears the buzzer going at his door.

Tilah strides into the room holding up two bottles of Guiro’vash, an aromatic, velvet red drink from the now extinct Poctoon’s, a huge grin appears on his face at the sight of his old friend.

“It seems like a life time since we last met.” Tilah says as he puts the drinks on the table.

Yama’nan stands and clasps hands with Tilah and they pat each other on the back.

“Who would’ve thought that the young Manta pilot would end up commanding his own vessel?” Tilah says as he holds Yama’nan at arm’s length.

“What about you? Last time I saw you, you was working under Por’O Vii’lat’siah helping him set up trading negotiations with the Fii’ntur.”

“Yeah but we both know how that ended …”

“There ignorance is not your fault. Anyway take a seat, what have you brought with you?”

“See if you remember,” Tilah teases as he pours them both a glass.

“To! Is this Poctoon wine? How did you get your hands on this?”

“I have my ways.” Tilah jokes.

As they both relax, they slowly start reminiscing about how they first, when Yama’nan was a manta pilot he was stationed on Ta’shiro Daly’th, he had docked there to refuel on the journey back from Fi’rios. During his down time he visited the cantina and after browsing the drinks menu for too long a young La’Tilah came over and made a few suggestions, as the drinks were served Tilah introduced himself and after Tilah introduced Yama’nan to more drinks that the empire had accumulated they gradually got talking. As time went by and the two climbed the ladder of success their path crossed more frequently. After their first encounter Yama’nan, like most, struggled with bonding with members of the other castes whereas Tilah, whose role of negotiating with other species made him used to overcoming such boundaries, reluctantly conversed with Yama’nan until eventually a friendship was formed. By the time they were both made ‘Os their friendship had grown but, as with a promotion, their time was needed elsewhere and were never stationed in the same places .

“… ha ha I still can’t believe you said that,” Tilah laughs “You looked terrified of her.”

“Well she was carrying her rail rifle; you don’t want to get on the wrong side of that thing.”

“That’s very true. Anyway back to business, I came here to apologise for being late, I know how much you want things to run smoothly.”

“Yes it was an inconvenience; I hear you had technical issues. I know that isn’t true.”

“Well no but I knew it’d be easier to explain this way. Do you know about Hasah’teruk?”

“You’re Kroot companion? Wasn’t he with Por’O Tai’Rhei when the Dasur’tio took his life?”

“Yes and since then he’s been assigned to me, unfortunately he was wracked with guilt and since he has mind powers it was consuming him and so a mind warrior of the Gue’la group that I travel with gave him something to help him out. This meant he needed to mediate without disturbance and I thought it was for the better of everyone if he did it before we joined you.”

“Did it work?”

“As far as I am aware yes, he’s a skilled warrior and in my opinion a valuable contributor to the Tau’va.”

“Let’s hope you are right.”

“Have I ever been wrong about someone before?”

“Careful with that Fuun’ay it’s the prototype!” Shouts Aang’ma, as a bulky droid bumps a container into the wall.

“Sorry sir,” the drone replies.

Aang’ma quickly drops the damaged Pulse Carbine he was going to fix and darts over to the container, checking for damage.

“How many times must I tell you to be careful?” Aang’ma says rubbing his brow

“Sorry sir.”

“Put it over there, has Feek’ah calibrated the Suspension field?”

“All set up and ready sir, I’ve also altered the workshop’s temperature to your requirements and have begun arranging your tools to your liking,” Answers the smaller droid entering the room from the workshop.

“Thank you, now I just need to figure out how to test it.”

“Sir I have an idea,” says Fuun’ay as it places the container in the container.

“And what is it this time?” Aang’ma asks with a sigh as he prepares himself for one of Fuun’ays ‘ideas’.

“Why don’t we put a Shas in it and fill the room with gas?”

Without even answering Aang’ma leaves the room rubbing his brow.

Calurit opens his eyes, blood slowly dripping out of his nose; he stands up, runs to the nearest sink and throws up. After leaning over and dry retching for a while he looks up into the mirror and notices his eyes have darkened.

“This isn’t good.”
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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

Post#9 » Sep 22 2013 07:30

Tilah wakes to the sound of his console buzzing, half-awake he turns it on to find a message that the Selim has come under attack from Gue’la pirates. He quickly throws on a shirt and runs out of his room bumping into Hasah as he leaves.

“Ah … have you heard the news?” he asks knowing that he will not get an answer

Hasah nods and hands Tilah a note.

“What’s this?” he asks before reading it.

He reads the note then scrunches it up and puts it in his pocket. “I need you to get Noran and El’Aang’ma and return straight away. Tae'n is holding a briefing that I need to witness. Hasah bangs his chest then bounds down the corridor while Tilah returns to his room. He activates his console and enters a code that turns on his holo projection, and enters the briefing room in his digital form.

Hasah barges into Noran’s room and shakes him awake.

“Wha .. what?” dazed and confused he half focuses on the kroot looking over him “Hasah what do you want?”

His question is answered by a hand grabbing his shirt and dragging him out of bed.

“Hey what do you think you’re doing?” He shouts as he tries to free himself, Hasah lets go then points to the door with a stern looking on face.

“Where are we going?”

Hasah points to the symbol of the empire that’s on his belt then imitates a drinking motion.

“Ah Tilah.”

Hasah nods then leaves the room on course for El’Aang’ma.

Aan’ma stumbles through the door followed by Hasah, Noran has made himself comfortable on Tilah’s sofa struggling to stay awake. Tilah is sat behind his desk his hands folded in front of his face his two index fingers pressed against his mouth.

“The Selim has been attacked,” Says Tilah without looking at any of them “Shas’El Tae'n has requested El’Aang’ma join his team of Firewarriors to board the waystation and remove the sensor relays, after a lot of negotiating I have convinced him to allow the two of you along with a small team of your choosing, although I have an idea of who you’ll choose, to escort El’Aang’ma on his mission. You’ll enter the ship via it’s docking bay, the Firewarriors should already be on board by the time you get there, their main target is the destruction of the stellar cartographer. They will be having the heaviest resistance which will allow you to enter unnoticed. Once you have retrieved the relays you are to return to the Path Resurgence El’ Tae'n has made it perfectly clear his soldiers are more than capable of performing their task.”

“Which is his way of saying he doesn’t trust us,” quips Noran

“Maybe so but we have to respect his decision.”

“When do we need to go?”

“As soon as you’re ready, the shas are preparing to leave as we speak. Any questions?” he asks focussing mainly on Aang’ma who only shakes his head and leaves.

“He’s an odd one, I’ll get everyone briefed and ready,” Noran says as he and Hasah leave the room.

Once the team had been briefed and ready they board the Manta and set off for the waystation.
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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

Post#10 » Sep 29 2013 09:52

“... Once we’ve retrieved the sensor relays we leave,” Instructs Noran as he steadies himself inside the crew compartment. The Manta was already on route to the waystation, the ke’lshan firewarriors had already made contact with the savage pirates and the battle was visible even from space.

“Do we have a location on the relays?” Asks Bursht, an ex soldier whose bonds of brotherhood were stronger than his loyalty to the bureaucracy of the Imperium made him follow Noran into joining the empire.

“Communications room,” says Aang’ma bluntly

“Will it take long to remove them?” Asks Kassiel as he loads his snub pistol. His long ginger hair falling over his faded green tattoo of a three eyed Ork like skull, the symbol of his old clan.


“Providing the relays were properly installed and that they haven’t been tampered with then it shall take 1 dec 28.72 Rai’kor to successfully remove them in working condition” Answers Feek’ah more competently.

“That’s an hour and a half Terran standard.” Calurit answers as he notices the confused look on Riza’s face.

“Any more questions?” Noran asks after a brief silence except for the hum of the engine.

“Why the Frak did you bring me along?” Questions Franklier as he scratches at his shoulder where flesh meets metal.

“First that arm of yours has a very powerful las cutter which will be very useful to El’Aang’ma, secondly since your ear has been modified you will be in constant contact with the Path ... plus you needed to leave your ward sooner or later.”

Flying almost undetected in the midst of battle raging around the Selim the Manta lands in the docking bay and Riza quickly runs to cover.

“Clear!” Shouts Riza, her flamer whooshing as it swings from side to side.

The rest leave the ship making sure Aang’ma stays in the middle while Feek’ah hovers over to the exit’s control panel. One by one the crew move from object to object making sure that they cover each other’s back. Being armed for close combat Riza and Kassiel take the lead, followed by Bursht, Noran, Aang’ma, Franklier, Hasah and finally Calurit.

“I have gained access to the ships security system; I will use the surveillance systems to gain you as safe a passage as I can.” Says Feek’ah, as they all reach the door.

“Good, chirp up if you notice anything, I’ll get Haunor to contact you if needed,” Replies Noran as Franklier nods in confirmation.

The door slowly slide open to reveal a corridor streaked in purple gore, slowly they follow the trail of blood.

“Feek’ah, do you know where the bodies were taken?” Asks Noran as he notices hand prints where the victims tried to drag themselves away.

“Negative, at this current moment the trails all lead to different rooms, I shall upload the safest path to Master’s terminal.” Replies the droid

Within seconds Aang’ma’s wrist terminal blinks into life, Aang’ma presses a few buttons and a tactical map is projected into each member’s visor showing them the route Feek’ah had suggested.

“What do you think they did with them?” Asks Bursht

“My guess is they’re gathering them all for food,” Replies Calurit “It’s not uncommon for humans that spend too much time in space, even if they’re out of the warp, to go insane.”

“That’s crazy,” says Kassiel trying to hide his discomfort

“Shhhh,” Interrupts Riza as she holds a hand up.

Noran rushes to the front of the group, as he reaches Riza he hears human voices round the corner.

“Calurit come here,” he whispers “I want you to see how many there are.”

Calurit nods and closes his eyes, the corridor suddenly starts to get colder, everyone’s breath becomes visible as they breathe and the one available window at the end begins to frost up. Calurit slows his breathing as the veins begin to bulge on the side of his head. Suddenly he opens his eyes revealing pure white eyeballs.

“There are four in the corridor and another three living beings in the room behind them,” He says, his voice resonating in their heads in multiple tones, resembling that of the Eldar.

“Feek’ah, anyway around them?” Noran asks the droid as the room returns to normal temperature and Calurit slumps to his knees wiping sweat from his brow.

“Unless you like climbing through the ventilation system then that is a negative. They seem to be patrolling the ship. I cannot gain access to the room beside them either; my suggestion is to wait and see if they leave.” Feek’ah responds

“I don’t want to waste any time. Hasah, Kassiel I want you to take them out, silence is golden here. Understood?” Noran commands, they both nod as Kassiel unsheathes his combat knife.

Hasah and Kassiel turn the corner and quickly hide behind a crate as they wait for the perfect moment to strike.

As Kassiel looks up he notices the humans have severely mutilated their faces, their cheeks have been sliced all the way to their ears, their teeth appear to have been sharpened and random pieces of metal have been stuck into their skin.

“Shénshèng de gǒu shǐ,” whispers Kassiel in his old Gangs code language.

The humans do not speak, instead they communicate in grunts as if they have reverted to a primitive state, Kassiel picks a small ring from his pocket, a memento of his old gang leader who he killed converting the gang into cultists, and throws it down the corridor. As soon as the rings clangs on the floor the pirates turn to the sauce of the noise, their bodies tense as their senses go on full alert. Slowly Hassah and Kassiel move from out of cover, Hasah unsheathes a tomahawk style throwing axe.

Kassiel wraps his arm round the closest human covering its mouth as his knife glides along it’s throat making it glisten as the crimson liquid pours onto it. As this happens Hasah’s axe has already buried itself in the back of the second victims head and before the body slumps to floor the Hasah catches it and slowly rests it on the floor to avoid it making a noise not realising the thud of the axe had already alerted the already alerted savages. The other two quickly turn but before they could react the blade of Hasah’s lance slides through the throat of one, Hasah twists the blade and swings it across causing a ruby mist to follow the blade as it slices the jaw of the final Pirate just in time to stop it from howling and alerting those in the room.

Hasah stands and taps his head sending a tiny pulse of energy to Noran. As they regroup they hear a gut wrenching scream from inside the room, without thinking Riza barges into the room to find a member of the waystation hanging from his hooves crying in agony as a Pirates removes the flesh from his torso. As his blood runs down his chest and face another pirate lies beneath him, it’s mouth opened, further then should be humanly possible, drinking the purple goo as it drips of his head.

The pirate with the blade looks towards the intruders and smiles, these three appear to have maintained some semblance of their humanity. The pirate at the back quickly runs for the door at the back and leaves the room shortly followed by Hasah bounding after it.

“More prey,” chuckles the blade wielding pirate “I prefer them to fight.”

Before it could move Calurit freezes it mid air in an orb of suspension, while Bursht drags the other from under the Tau and places his knee on its throat until its lungs starve of oxygen.

“You’re a little over confident seeing as it WAS two against eight,” Noran states as Franklier and Riza cut the Tau down. “Did you honestly think you could’ve done anything?”

“Ha you soldiers know nothing of real combat; when you reach the dark corners of space you meet creatures that will give even the denizens of the warp a fight.” It replies as Franklier glides his robotic hand of the victim, scanning him to assess the extent of his injuries.

“How many survivors are there?” Noran asks ignoring the insult

The pirate spits at Noran in response but as it leaves its mouth the saliva freezes mid air thanks to Calurit’s suspensions field.

“Eloquent,” without saying anymore Noran raises Savora and nods to Calurit to release the human, as the pirate’ feet touch the ground a solid round flies through its head creating a finger sized, cauterised hole between its eyes. As the body slumps to the floor, Hasah enters dragging the body of the panicked human over his shoulder.

“Please tell me you made it in time.”

Hasah shakes his head as the sound of angry voices scream from behind the door.

“Damn, Franklier how’s he doing?”

“He’s stable, I’ve placed him under sedation but he needs medical help which he won’t receive here.”

“If we stay here we’ll ALL need it,” Bursht interrupts as the voices get closer.

“If I may, the corridor you recently vacated leads to your designation, it shall take a little longer but there are less angry humans that side” Feek’ah advises over the radio.

“What’s it look like on the other side of the door?” Noran asks

“There’s a small but angry crowd about to approach the door.”

The instant Feek’ah finishes the sentence, the door slides open and five pirates burst in the room firing blindly at crew. They all dive to cover, Bursht grabs his arm where a las round pierced his bicep. Firing on full auto and unaware that to the side, behind cover, a purple arm reaches up holding a bladed pole arm and points it at the intruder’s direction. A bright blue beam of super heated energy leaves the micro fusion blaster narrowly missing the lead intruder instead singeing the back of its coat and removing its team mate’s arms at the elbow. Calurit pulls a shuriken pistol from a holster under his coat; the pistol was a gift from an Eldar that trained him to harness his psychic abilities to his full potential during his venture as a rogue trader before the inquisition discovered his location causing him to flee. Leaning out of his cover Calurit points the alien weapon at the screaming armless pirate and wills it to fire, like pulling a mental trigger, the pistol answers by sending monomolecular-thin plasti-crystal into the victim. Riza sneaks round the side or a large construct, unaware of her movement the savages are barely able to scream as they are surprised by burst of promethium fuelled fire engulfs them from the side.

“Everyone ok?” Asks Noran as he walks over to Franklier and the unconscious Tau

“Got hit but I’m still useful,” Bursht replies showing the wound in his arm.

“Good ‘cause I want you to carry this fella’ back to the ship, you’re strong enough to manage on your own.”

“Yes sir,” Bursht replies sounding a little disappointed.

Bursht kneels down and with one arm picks the tau up and throws him over his giant shoulder, his cropped white hair turning purple down one side as the Tau blood rubs on him.

“Stay with him Polar, if he wakes up give him some of these, they should null the pain for a while,” says Franklier as he hands the muscular soldier some syringes.

As Bursht makes his way back the others leave and make their way to the communications room, although the human’s know of the team’s arrival they meet very little resistance as most of the pirates strength is focused on repelling the team of Shas in the navigation quarters.

As they enter the communications room Aang’ma barges past everyone and quickly makes his way to first sensor relay while muttering to himself.

“He’s got great people skills,” Jokes Noran to Franklier as he follows Aang’ma

“Ha that’s an understatement,” Franklier replies.

As Franklier reaches the Fio the access panel where the relay is housed is flung at him.

“Watch it will you?” Shouts Franklier as the panel narrowly misses him.

While the two focus on the retrieval the other spread out and cover the two entrances Riza and Noran cover the north entrance while Calurit and Kassiel cover the western entrance, Hasah stays in the middle in order to move to either door at a moment’s notice.

“There appears to be collection of boarding torpedoes closing in on your location,” say Feek’ah

“Do you think it’s aimed at us?” Asks Riza

“Hope not,” Noran replies “Feek’ah can you work out the boarding location?”

“Yes I am sending it though.”

“Great that’s all we need,” Noran says as he realises they’re going to be attacked “Calurit, Protect El’Aang’ma and Franklier, make sure no one interrupts them, Kassiel and Riza I want you upfront, as soon as one of those things enter the room and open I want you to open fire on them. Hasah cut down anything that escapes.”

With a nod from everyone, they all get into position. Looking out the window they see the first of many smooth torpedoes closing in on them. From observation the metal contraptions look like bullets big enough to hold about ten people inside, once fired from the ship they have no defences except speed and no weapons except a circle of rotating teeth at the front for cutting through a ship’s outer plating and a pair of claws to hold the vessel in place.

The room falls silent bar the sound of Aang’ma tinkering about with the relay, Riza holds her breath as the silence is broken by the sound of metal grinding against metal, Hasah tenses up and readies himself as the two claws pierce the through the wall. The teeth succeed in removing a portion of the wall, in the centre the saw a porthole opens and from it emits the war cry of creatures, which were once known as humans before madness destroyed their minds. More bodies then the vessel carry fly out of the vessel and charge at the crew.
“FIRE!” Noran Commands as he hears another torpedo drilling through the outer wall.
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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

Post#11 » Oct 04 2013 02:51

A fun story here, T113. The use of present tense for your verbs makes for a very engaging story.

You do have some trouble with punctuation, which makes it a bit difficult to read sometimes. I found myself having to reread some sentences a few times over, to figure out where you probably meant to put periods or commas.

Reading over your writing aloud - or, even better, getting someone else to read it aloud - can alert you to some of these difficulties.

A more general comment, is that the choice of present tense is very unusual, and I think you could be exploiting it better. The tense can really lend a sort of immediacy to the action, but it also makes description difficult. This blog post (not mine) explains it pretty well. You've chosen a style that is quite difficult, but also potentially very rewarding and engaging to read. Keep on it, the story is very enjoyable.

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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

Post#12 » Oct 04 2013 10:58

It's like reading a script, honestly, I keep thinking about Black Hawk Down.

Good stuff!
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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

Post#13 » Oct 04 2013 11:19

Yeah I was a bit sceptical of it at first, but I have to agree it gives a very strong visual element to it. Good job!
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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

Post#14 » Oct 05 2013 12:37

@ Didi et Gogo Firstly I want to apologise, I’ve always had a problem with grammar (It’s the reason I almost failed English when I was at school) and unfortunately everyone I’ve asked to proof read my stuff have either been too busy or too lazy. I will try my best to be more thorough though. Secondly thank you for the link I’ll give it a read through later tonight.

Now onto the nice bits :D

Thanks for the kind words, it’s really encouraging to know that people are enjoying (despite the faults in it). As I’ve said before this is my first time writing a story; I have written stuff in the past, but everything I have done has been written in a script format, which is why I write the way I do and why the story is a little lacking on the descriptive side (I am trying to improve on that as well).
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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

Post#15 » Nov 28 2013 11:11

Sorry it's been a while since my last update, life got in the way as usual :roll: .

I want to thank Mr Calmsword for helping me try and improve my work. Hopefully this time there won't be any grammatical errors. Anyway on with the show ...

Animalistic screams emanate from the fire of Riza’s flamer, body after body fly out of the flames, only to become mists of red gore as Kassiel shoots them down. Noran runs for cover as the second torpedo successfully drills into the room, from inside, he can hear crazed laughter as the beings inside hunger for combat. The door opens and grotesquely mutilated humans dive out wielding blades made from rusted metal and bones from previous ‘feasts’. After making sure Savora is full he unleashes a torrent of plasma into the horde.

Hasah bounds through the fire, his mental abilities warding off any flames from touching him; he thrusts his blade into an attacker then fires the under slung fusion blaster creating a hole in the enemy’s chest and removing the head from another human behind it. Before he could reach the second entry point, to aid Noran, the third finally opens and the hulking form of a chained up Ogryn steps out followed by two pirates wielding electric rods. The Ogryn stops to sniff the air, the chains around his neck clank together as he moves his head. The pirates ram the rods into its back causing the Ogryn to cower forward, raising a half-eaten hand to defend its face. Hasah freezes at the sight, noticing the pain and panic behind the creature’s eyes as the shorter of the two pirate’s climbs onto its back and attaches itself to a harness then grabs a set of handles that are buried into the spine of the Ogryn. Hasah runs over to newest threat, pulling back on the slingshot rifle and fires a solid round at the Ogryn, but the human on foot swings the electric rod creating a wall of lightning that stops the bullet in its track.

“Kassiel! Need a little help here!” Noran shouts as he punches a pirate in the face knocking it off the console it had leapt upon.

“Kinda busy at the minute!” Kassiel replies as he turns an enemy’s face into mush with his snub pistol.

“Go, I’ve got this,” Riza tells him as she throws a small frag grenade into the mass of burning bodies.

Kassiel looks at Riza for a second, then nods and runs over to Noran, who has unsheathed his sword. Before he can reach Noran a half burnt husk dives on his back and drags him to the floor, Kassiel screams as he feels a chunk of flesh being torn from his neck. As blood weeps from his wound, he reaches round with his pistol and fires, almost deafening himself in the process, causing the body of his attacker to go limp. He pushes himself up, his hand covered in blood as he tries to apply pressure to his wound. His vision starts to waver as a hand grabs his top and drags him back; he tries to fight it, the smell of promethium and burnt flesh filling his nose.

“How many are there?” Noran thinks as more bodies emerge from the torpedo, Savora roars as she spits a solid round into the chest of an enemy; the concussive force throws the target back into the group.

“6” says a sensual female voice in his ear piece, informing him of how many rounds the weapon has left. He smiles as the voice reminds him of an old lover he had back on Terra. With the bodies temporarily out of the way Noran notices that in the back of the Torpedo there is a small circular pad with two rings spinning above it; a light shines from the pad and the rings separate creating a tube housing the light. Speckles of darkness appear in the light and soon they merge creating a human form in the tube.

“Riza! The bastard’s are teleporting!” he shouts, as the tube releases another body into the fray. After hearing no response, Noran looks over to Riza’s position, fearing for his ally’s life, and notices it has been overrun by enemies.

Hasah leans back to avoid the swing of the Ogryn’s hammer, the rider laughing maniacly as he pulls on one of the handles, causing his mount to Jerk as a venomous stimulant surges through its body. Hasah plants his lance into the ground and uses it to flip his legs over himself. The human on foot, wearing breathing apparatus to give him a constant feed of combat drugs, thrusts the blunt end of his staff into Hasah’s torso then swings the staff round to strike him in the side of the head with the electrical side; as the staff makes contact with Hasah’s head a surge of electricity erupts from the tip knocking Hasah off his feet. He slides along the floor until he stops in the middle of the room, he quickly flips himself up and braces for the wave of enemies scrambling to his position. Out of the side of his vision he notices a short figure rush to his position, without looking Hasah lifts his lance, the blade pointing in the direction of the threat.

“Whoa, it’s me!” says Noran, the tip of the blade mere inches from his face. “We need to get in to the back of the torpedoes!”

Hasah lowers his weapon and thrusts his hand forward, sending a telekinetic wave knocking the horde off their feet. The Ogryn stomps over and on the fallen horde, the rider ignorant to the lives being wasted. The Ogryn cries out in agony as his muscles burn form the stims. Before Noran can even take in what he is seeing; Hasah charges at the Ogryn, he reaches out towards the footman, grabs at thin air and throws him across the room.

The footman flies through the air until his body crashes into nothing.

“What was that?” asks Franklier looking up from his work.

“Nothing to concern yourself with,” replies Calurit as he crushes the footman’s head with a wave of his hand.

“Is he going to be ok?” asks Riza as she anxiously looks over to Noran.

“He’s stable but he’s unconscious, I’ve done the best I can until we get him back to The Path.” Franklier replies as he finishes off treating Kassiel’s wounds.

Aang’ma stops what he is doing and glares at Franklier and Riza.

“Go and help them out; we’ll be fine here.” Franklier says Ignoring Aang’ma.

Noran’s blade slices through the body of a savage while Savora removes the shoulder from another “5” he hears her say. After his attempts to back up Hasah failed, he slowly makes his way to destroy the teleporters. He slices his way through leaving a trail of corpses in his wake. “4 ... 3 ...2...1” Savora informs him as he closes in on the middle torpedo. He steps over a corpse and impales another diving towards him; the corpse suddenly comes to life and grabs him, dragging him down to the floor “0” his sudden fall sends his final shot wide. As he hits the floor he feels a hand wrap around his throat, drawing blood as the hand’s nails pierce his skin.

Hasah hops out of the way of the hammer’s deathly smash; with the footman now dealt with he has been able to apply minor damage to the hulking creature. Blood drips down the Ogryn’s body creating a small puddle beneath them. As Hasah dances his way around the Ogryn’s attack his feet slip in the blood, in a cruel twist of fate, the fall saves Hasah from the Ogryn’s head butt.

Noran struggles to get the hand off him, with one hand he tries to release the hand’s grip and with the other he swings randomly trying to strike the hand’s owner. He starts to gasp for breath; he reaches for his sword, which he dropped when he was dragged down, which he does not find among the bodies around him. He can taste blood, the thick iron tang making him nauseous, as his strength diminishes. His body begins to go cold; confusion hits him as a sudden sweltering heat runs over him, he hears cries of pain, the agonising sounds welcoming to him. He smiles as a single tear falls down his face before all that he knows turns black.

Before he hits the floor Hasah pushes out with his mind throwing him up off his feet and onto the shoulders of the Ogryn. Hasah kicks the man off his harness, freeing the Ogryn from its torture and rendering it unconscious from its ordeal. Hasah leaps of the falling body and lands near the cowering Rider, with a cold, blank expression Hasah places a foot on the Rider’s chest and slowly glides the tip of his blade down his face and into his chest. He turns noticing Riza dragging an unconscious Noran over to the doctor, his hands begin to shake with fury, he rushes over to Riza and throws Noran’s limp body over his shoulder.

“They’re teleporting in from the back of them torpedoes,” she informs him as she unleashes a torrent of fire.

“We can’t get close to do anything about it,” replies Calurit as Hasah lays Noran’s body beside Kassiel “Plus we’re already down 3 guys, I can’t see things going well for us right now.”

“Almost finished!” says Aang’ma bluntly

“Thank Feth.” Calurit mumbles to himself as lightening erupts from his fingertips paralysing those in the front of the horde.

Hasah deflects a blade slashing towards his head; in one swift motion he swings his lance round the back of the attackers’ legs, while he is falling, Hasah fires his fusion blaster into another charging enemy and the stabs ,the now fallen, man through the chest. He launches himself in the air and lands in the middle of the stunned group while Riza incinerates those besides him. He slices through the bodies with ease; ribbons of viscera follow his blade as Hasah dances around the dying bodies.

“Done!” shouts Aang’ma as he loads the relays into a carry case.

Franklier picks Kassiel up, his legs whirring as they adjust to the extra weight, while Calurit and Riza carry Noran.

As soon as they leave the room Hasah punches the keypad, closing the door for good. “That was close,” says Calurit as Noran starts to wake. “Welcome back.”

“Is it over?” Noran asks groggily.

“Yeah, they’re locked in there … for now. But I don’t wanna wait around to find out if they open it,” Riza Replies “Can you walk?”

“Yeah I can manage.”

They let go of Noran as he shakily stands up, he removes the scabbard from his back and uses it as a walking stick. “Bursht, we’ve got them. We’re on our way back.”

“Are you ok sir? You don’t sound too good,” Bursht replies over the comm.

“Yeah I’m fine. Feek’ah, anything to report?”

“I have been picking up distress messages from the Ke’lshan force on board; they appear to have met heavy resistance upon exit. They are currently situated in the canteena on the east side of the station,” the droid answers.

“Have the armed the explosives?”

“Affirmative, detonation will occur in 45 Rai’kor and according to my calculations it will take their vessel approximately 14.56 Rai’kor to avoid the explosion.”

“So we have half an hour to get them out? No pressure then.”

“Sir judging by your team’s condition and the severity of the Ke’lshan’s situation I would say there is a high level of pressure to get the task accomplished.”

Noran responds with a long sigh which Feek’ah does not realise is aimed at him. Franklier suddenly looks up sharply as he hears a buzzing in his ear piece for the first time during this mission.

“I think the Path wants us,” He states as he listens to the message “It’s O’Tilah; he wants us to return immediately.”

“We can’t leave them to die!” Calurit replies

“He says let them die with honour, we have our orders.”

“No! I won’t stand by when there’s something I can do!” before anyone can reply he turns and runs towards the canteena, his shuriken pistol drawn.

“CAL! Dammit,” Noran shouts after him.

“We need to keep moving, we’re in no position to chase after him,” Riza says

“We can’t leave him; he’s one of us. Hasah, go and help him out as much as you can. Make sure you get your arse back to us before it’s too late though, you have 30 minutes then we’ll have to leave.”

Hasah bangs his fist against his chest then chases after Calurit.

“You’re sending him to his death,” Franklier says bluntly.

“He’ll be fine, have a little faith.”

“I did once. We both know how that worked out.”

“Can we go?” Aang’ma interrupts losing patience.

Calurit follows the sound of plasma fire in the distance, as he gets closer he can hear a mixture of shouting, screaming and gun fire. Without thinking, he turns a corner only to find a group of pirates, in cover, at the entrance to the canteena. Before the pirates could react to his presence a double thumbed, purple hand grabs him by the shoulder and drags him back. With his back to the wall he starts to question what is happening, a second violet hand covers his mouth as realisation spreads across his face.
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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

Post#16 » Dec 05 2013 11:56

Sorry this is a short post but I noticed i 'waffle on' a little during the fight scenes so I've tried to make this one a little more condensed :biggrin:

Calurit grabs Hasah’s hand, lowers it from his face and nods his appreciation.

“Can you see them?” He asks with his mind.

Hasah nods, then dives round the corner, slicing through the unsuspecting humans. They stand either side of the entrance and peek round. Inside, carnage has been unleashed, the few remaining Tau have backed into a corner and have created a small base of defence with upturned furniture. The dead lay strewn about, their plasma wounds still slowly burning the flesh around the entry wound and the lights flicker as both sides exchange fire. Hasah and Calurit slip into the room, closing the door behind them, and dive behind cover. Calurit draws the Las Pistol from his hip and checks the ammo gauge.


He Swings out of cover, before the enemy can react; he fires, sending streaks of ruby towards a group of human’s charging the Tau’s defence. He quickly turns the pistol at an enemy, just appearing out of cover, and fires; the enemy flops to the floor, the entry wound already cauterising. Click as the ammo in his pistol empties, he draws his shuriken pistol and continues firing, he lifts an ammo cell out of his belt pouch and reloads the pistol with his mind at the same time. Finally the enemy start to react as a barrage of fire comes at him; to the surprise of the attackers, Calurit crouches down and hides behind nothing.

Hasah clambers up the railing, high above his comrade, and stealthily walks across the platform, blending in with the shadows. From his vantage point he has a clear view of the battle below, the red and blue flashes as plasma and laser strike the Humans and Tau. The Tau’s defense, his target destination, houses six fighting members; two groups of three take turns to unleash the power of their deadly plasma rifles while the other reloads. A medical officer and his drone assistant hastily tend the wounds of a Tau, whose right arm has become a burnt stump, while a member of the earth caste sits mesmerized at wrist mounted display of a timer counting down in the alien’s language. The humans attack with far less discipline; those armed with rifles rush into the room through a tiny door and then dive behind any available cover, ignorant or unaffected by the deaths of their fellow man. The crazed humans with bladed weapons mimic those Hasah previously faced, in the communications room; they run at the Tau with only destruction on their minds, for a brief moment Hasah pities them for losing almost everything that defines them as humans.

“Where are you?” Calurit fumbles around in his pockets while his back is pressed against a glowing red wall of nothing, as his telekinetic wall absorbs the enemy’s las fire.

“Come on lads you gotta do better than that!” he shouts tauntingly, he is answered by an increased number of las rounds fired at him, “here we are,” he pulls a small circular device out of his pocket. He grabs hold of both sides of the device and pulls them apart revealing a square panel with a button in the center.

He presses the button and the device vibrates into life and throws the device at door, he and Hasah came in from. With a small thud the device magnetically sticks to the center of the door and slowly burns into it causing the door to be permanently sealed, stopping any foe from entering from that side, he then makes a run for the Tau.

Leaping out of the darkness, Hasah lands in the midst of a small group of berserk humans that had managed to make their way to Tau’s barricade. As his feet touch the floor a psychic wave flows through the floor, like a ripple in water, knocking most of them off their feet. No time is wasted as he disposes of those still standing, then dives over the barricade while the others are killed by Calurit as he runs into the fire-base from the side.

“The cavalry’s here,” he bows as he catches his breath.

“We don’t need your help,” replies a bulky, helmet-less Tau. His left has been replaced with a scar, from a previous battle, that he refused to have replaced.

“Well the situation says otherwise. You’ve only got half a squad left and, judging from the bodies out there, you don’t have a lot of ammo left. You’re going to die!”

“We’ll die with honour!”

“How will letting your squad die give you honour?!” letting his anger get the better of him, Calurit swings his fist at the Shas’la but Hasah steps in the way, taking the strike instead.

“Do not question our ways, your people have no sense of honour.”

Calurit slumps to the floor as the realisation of his feeble rescue plan hits home. Hasah places a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“So I’ve risked my friend’s life, chasing me here, for nothing,” Calurit states more than questions “How can you hold the lives of your squad with such little regard?”

“We live and die for the Tau’va! We accept death with honour.” replies a curvy Shas’saal as she reloads her plasma rifle.

Suddenly an explosion throws the humans, at the back of the room, out of cover. Fire erupts through the door, followed by las fire, quickly eliminating the remaining hostiles. A small crew of humans enter the room with their guns raised, the Tau quickly aim at the new targets but do not fire.

“Halt! Who goes there?” Commands Shas’la Ke’lshan Tin’aila

“Easy. We’re on your side, we’ve come to get you all out,” Noran replies “The enemy’s withdrawn, something’s happening on the Selim. Apparently that’s more important than this place.”

“You humans are such cowardly creatures,” spits ’saal Ke’lshan G’rile

“You don’t come when we need you and come when we don’t!” ‘Saal Konto adds

“We haven’t got time for this; Cal you there? We really need to go!” Noran shouts ignoring the insults from the Tau.
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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

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Sorry for it being WAY too long since I last updated, there have been a few complications with the group project (Hope you get well soon Mr Calmsword) and also life, as we all know and dread, has gotten in the way of important hobbying in all forms. Anyway hope this wets everyones appetite for what's to come ;) ...

“What happened to having your orders?” Calurit asks as they rush out of the room.

“Well I got bored of waiting for you,” Noran replies as he press a communication stud in his ear,

“Bursht have the shuttle ready to go! We’re on our way.”

“On it sir.”

“What about the others?” Riza shouts as she catches up with them, after finishing off the last of the pirates.

“Let them do as they please, we’ve given them a chance to survive ... it’s up to them what they do with it.” Noran replies as he notices a look of concern and regret on Calurit.

The group run through the empty corridors, they meet no resistance and the only traces of the pirates find is a bloody three fingered hand crudely painted throughout the ship. With barely minutes to spare they make it back to their ship.

“About time!” Kassiel says without looking up from sharpening his knife.

“Good to have you back sir,” Bursht says as he shuts the door behind them, “Although if it was up to some we wouldn’t have waited.” He says as he glares at Kassiel who returns the glare while spitting on his blade.

“Well we’re here now; let’s get this bird off the air!” Noran says as he climbs over to the pilot.

The Orca’s thrusters burst into action causing the ship to shake as it fights the way stations artificial gravity. Riza its next to Aang’ma and straps herself in, “What you got there?” she asks noticing he has a strangely familiar weapon.

“Picked it off a húndàn that was trying to shoot us down. Ugly fracker too, looked like he was in charge of them arseholes.” Kassiel answers as Aang’ma ignores her and examines the weapon, oblivious to those around him. He unloads the weapon and notices that the weapon uses a power system that is reminiscent of the early version of the Pulse Carbine.

“Interesting,” Aang’ma mumbles to himself.

“What is it sir?” asks Feek’ah who is hovering above his master.

“This technology, it almost matches ours. A less sophisticated version of ours naturally.”

The Orca silently enters the void of space, its forward thrusters bursting into life in a flash of light. Inside, the cockpit’s lit only by a couple of red pulsing lights, Hasah closes his eyes and slowly taps his finger on his knee five times. As his finger makes contact for the fifth the time the ship shakes as the way station explodes, illuminating the cockpit an oddly magical white.

“So the mission was a success?” O’Tilah enquires as he shakily pours himself a cup of pech’caffe.

“Yeah we retrieved the relays and El’Aang’ma’s taken them to get them analysed,” Noran replies, “Still no word from the Selim?”

“No and to be honest I can’t wait for it to be over, I want to get out of this place. The dreams still haunt me.”

“Have they gotten worse?” Calurit asks sitting down and placing his hands together in front of his face like he’s about to pray.

“The Imagery hasn’t but the frequency has, I was going to mention it earlier but I had to send you out. I’ve been trying my best to avoid sleep but even that is becoming a difficult task.”

“What do you see?”

“I’m stood in a deathly brown space, like a wasteland of a planet, above me the stars are dying and the faint sound of screaming can be heard...”

Hasah suddenly looks up as the description of the planet and the screams remind him of his vision he had when he last dreamt.

“... before me I see a congregation of Gue’las, they’re kneeling and holding their hands in the air, crying. That’s when I notice that I’m stood on a podium with a book open in front of me. I can’t tell what it says but I appear to be reading from it, my voice isn’t mine but there are hints of maybe an Au’taal accent but I can’t be sure. The wind builds and I hear harsh whispers, faintly saying ‘Tau’va is a lie! Have faith in Legion, We are one and one shall conquer!’ I look down and I see I’m holding a talisman or something similar, my flesh has faded to grey, my body bulges with energy that nauseates me. It’s at this point I usually wake.”

The room falls silent for a moment as everyone contemplates what they’ve just heard, confusion painted across their faces. Only the sound of the jug rattling against the cup can be heard as Tilah shakily pours himself another drink. Finally Hasah breaks the silence stretching his arms causing his joints to crack in the process. Calurit looks up as if coming out of a trance, “Hmmm? Oh yeah. To be honest I can’t think what they could mean.”

“What if it’s referring to cultists that may be nearby or it could have something to do with those ‘pirates’ we just met.” Noran suggests as he goes to leave. “Maybe you should see the doctor, see if someone can give you something to knock you out. I’m going to see if I can find out how the others are getting on, on the Selim.”


“Fuun’ay take these to the Navigation crew, they’ll want to search the databanks for information on our next destination,” Aang’ma says as he hands the sensor relays to his worker drone.

“Right away, sir.”

Aang’ma places the recovered weapon on his work bench, knocking a pile of paper off in the process. The weapon is first sprayed with a cleansing mist to kill any bacteria that could cause further damage to it. Aang’ma then steadily takes the outer casing off, exposing a broken firing mechanism and a makeshift magnetic coil field generator.

“Do you suspect that this was taken from one of your brother’s sir?” Feek’ah asks as he neatly places the paper back onto the workbench.

“It is a possibility but then the modifications made to it have clearly been done by someone who knows what they’re doing. I’d like to meet the one that worked on this.”

“But they are the enemy sir.”

“There are no enemies in science, only ideas.”

“Indeed sir.”


“There’s something oddly calming about it isn’t there?” Riza jumps as she is startled by Noran’s sudden appearance. He sits next to her and they both stare out of the viewport, watching the battle around the Selim. Little burst of light flash as explosions go off among the swooping ships of the Tau and the bulky vessels of the Pirates. The ships weave around each other as if they’re living creatures performing some ancient battle dance.

“Yeah if you can ignore all the lives being lost and the agony they’re going though then I guess you’re right,” she replies bluntly.

“Well they say ignorance is bliss.”

“There’s a heart in there somewhere,” she says as she pokes him in the chest, making him wince in pain. “Sorry, are you ok?”

“Nothing I’ve not been through before.”

Riza is about to speak when a huge explosion bursts out of the Pirate’s city chip, a tiny shimmer of light be seen flying out of the spherical flame then disappear as if it never existed. The assault ships surround the city ship are lost as the explosion turns them to ruin. The Selim, badly damaged in the battle, crawls away from the battle while the remaining Pirate vessels scuttle off into the void.

“Looks like we’ve won that one then, Tilah’ll be pleased to hear that.”


Por’la Au’taal Seit opens his eyes and finds himself, staring at the blinking red eye of the drone currently scanning his body. Beside him the medical staffs are busy tending to the bodies of the wounded recently brought in from the Selim mission. Moans of pain fill the room, the sound only broken when the medical relay information to each other.

“How’re you feeling?” he hears a gruff voice ask as the drone completes its scan allowing him to sit up. He breathes in sharply as pain shoots through his stomach, he looks down to find a dark patch of skin across his stomach. “It’s amazing what you creatures can do medically, back on Terra we’d just get a poorly applied skin graft ... cause more pain then it stopped.”

Seit finally looks to the side and finds a brutish Gue’la sitting in the bed next to him. His eyes are small and dark which make him look like he’s constantly squinting. His square shaped face is framed with a pure white beard that follows the outline of his jaw. His arm is covered in bandages and covered in blood.

“Yeah we’ve got some of the best medical staff from the empire on board,” Seit replies as he tries to make himself comfortable, “How did I get here?”
“We brought you here from the way station, saved you from being some psycho’s dinner.” Bursht replies.

“Oh yeah, that’s something I don’t want to remember.”


“So look sharp lads, what you betting? Daisy’s getting restless” Degarsh asks as he places the five coloured balls in a cup.

“I have a place on the next mission, place it on blue.” A scruffy auburn haired soldier holds up an assignment form; gasps of excitement come from the other five men stood around the little pit.

“We’ve all been issued that Eddorin, think of something better!”

“I haven’t and I want a piece of that” Kassiel interrupts as he hands Degarsh a small Kroot knife, “Put that on black.”

“Wait for the duel Kas.”

“Put this on yellow,” Jerd says as he throws a small plasma pistol to Degarsh, “I ‘found it’ in some guys lock up, don’t think he’ll need it now he’s dead.”

“The bastard’s las pistol on red,” Merian hands her ex husband’s sidearm over “Let’s hope he’s more useful now he’s dead.”

“Was hoping to get to play with this first but I guess, since I’m going to win, I’ll put this on white.” Zaren smugly passes a custom made snub pistol to Degarsh.

“Found anything Eddorin?” Degarsh asks as the door on the side of the pit starts to bend as something on the other side tries to escape “Daisy can’t wait forever.”

With a sigh Eddorin hands over a finely engraved knife, it is thinner than most combat knifes and the serrated edge has been replaced with housing for poison vials, “Put this on blue” he says sullenly, regret already painted on his face.

Degarsh gives everyone one final look and nods as they all fall silent. He places a bionic hand over the cup and shakes it. The pit has been built into a stage that he owns in the Gue’la living quarters, after fleeing the Imperium, for running illegal betting services on Imperial vessels; Degarsh has resumed his life of illegal entertainment under the ignorant gaze of the empire. He twists the bottom of the cup, the balls inside glow and buzz into life as they are thrown into the pit. A see through cover is quickly placed on top to keep the balls, which now appear to be tiny living creatures, from escaping. Without saying a word he reaches down and presses a button that opens the almost destroyed door allowing a savage three legged creature. Daisy’s over shot jaw lowers as she unleashes a guttural growl, saliva oozing out of her mouth in the process; she stamps her front legs a few times as she sniffs the air. Even though he has played the game many times before the creature still disturbs Kassiel a little as her blind eyes protrude from her head, as she searches for prey as if they are still functioning. Suddenly Daisy pounces, trying to catch one of the little creatures flying around the pit. Spikes pop out of daisy’s back catching the white creature; a little yelp can be heard as Daisy turns round and eats it.

“Dammit!” Zaren curses and kicks the side of the pit, almost knocking the lid off.

“That toys goin’ to look nice in my collection” Merian mocks

Daisy continues to hunt the little creatures until there is only two left. Degarsh blows into whistle, which none of the humans hear it make a noise, and Daisy stops as if paralysed by the silent tone. He reaches under the lid and scoops daisy out and places her into a cage behind him. The remaining two creatures are collected into jars and put back into a pouch beside the cage. As the jars go in a long black ribbon is brought and is placed around Kassiel’s and Eddorin’s left wrist.

“How ‘bout we change your brother’s blade for that mission of yours?” Kassiel suggests as he unsheathes his duelling blade.

“Do you even know what the mission is? Not that I’m complaining about changing.” Eddorin replies as they both coat their blades with paralysing venom.

“Nope and I don’t really care, I just want off the ship.”

Eddorin shrugs and hands over the sheet of paper to Degarsh, who rolls it up and puts it in his back pocket. Kassiel flicks the dregs of the serum off of his blade and gets into an offensive stance, his blade held out low in front of him.

“Ok, remember the only rule! Leave the heart, cut the face” Degarsh holds onto the ribbon that holds the fighters together, “remember what happened last time Kas.”

“He won’t be lucky enough this time.” Eddorin boasts.

Kassiel does not reply; his hand starts to tremble in anticipation. Degarsh looks at them both to confirm their readiness and then quickly moves his hand off the ribbon. Before he can step back both men thrust their blades at each other. The weapons lightly kiss as they glide past one another, Kassiel smirks and pulls on the ribbon while stepping aside causing Eddorin to lose balance. Kassiel kicks Eddorins feet from under him and slices down, creating a tiny gash in Eddorin’s leg, instantly turning it purple as the venom temporarily paralyses it. Eddorin inhales sharply at the pain but then retaliates by slicing along Kassiels hand that is holding the ribbon making it go limp on the ribbon. Eddorin stands unsteadily and attacks Kassiel, more aggressively this time but the attack is parried and answered with a punch to the face. The two stumble around for another minute, both of them losing the use of an arm and a leg in the process, until Kassiel spins round; his limp arm pulling the ribbon and wrapping it round him. As Eddorin is pulled forward, Kassiel spins the blade round in his hand and slices along his face barely missing his eye.

“Kas wins,” Degarsh declares as he cuts the ribbon and both men fall to the floor, Kassiel lands face first as his arm lacks the control to hold him up. “Graceful as ever I see.”

“I hate that game sometimes,” kassiel replies as the weapons and paper are dropped next to him.

“Yepsth yoooo wannya ti haaaing yooo fafphhss nuummmmn” Eddorin tries to reply.
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Re: Into Silence: In the Vermin's Wake

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After trying to make a conversation with the sleeping ‘la Au’Taal Seit; Bursht, gets out of his cot to stretch his legs.

“This isn’t resting now, is it?” Bursht turns at the familiar voice.

Noran strolls into the room carrying a small box which he hands over to Bursht.

“I can’t just lie there sir, it’s killing me. What’s this?” he asks looking at the ebony package.

“Something I’ve acquired through Degarsh’s men. Thought we could play a game once you’re better.”

Bursht flips the box over and opens it up, inside there are two sets of 4 statues of ancient warriors clad in ornate armour. He closes the box and hands it back to Noran.

“I can’t accept this sir”

“’Course you can, it’s a gift.”

“But. Why, sir?”

“’Cause I can. What’s wrong with you?”

“Sorry sir, just a little edgy. I can’t understand why I’ve been bed ridden all this time just from a bullet wound.”

“Guess they didn’t tell you then? Turns out they were using poisons in their weapons. They’ve kept you in to monitor you.”

“What does the poison do?”

“So far they only found traces of a paralysing substance. Must make it easier for them to capture their meals.”

A heavily wounded woman, on the other side of the room, suddenly wakes up screaming. In a blind panic she leaps out of her bed and knocks away any of the medical staff that are trying to help her.

“Where am I?” she screams.

“Please, try to calm down, before you hurt yourself.” An orderly says as he slowly walks over to her, his hands held up reassuringly.

The orderly creeps towards her, as she frantically looks around, jumping at every little movement. As he gets close enough to grab her she suddenly looks at him, fear and confusion clearly shown in amber eyes, she swings her arms and, with more strength than she appears to have, back hands him away, throwing him over the bed behind him.

“Wait a minute...” Noran says as he walks over, “Aeryn?”

The woman suddenly snaps round to face him, her long black hair flowing over her face. “Noran? You’re alive?”

Captain Purtish paces up and down the communication room, he had been doing so ever since his vessel had escaped the failed attack on the ‘misguided ones’. He places his hands behind his back and twist left arm, causing his joints to crack; the sound echoing round the empty room. The room would be pitch black if it wasn’t for the little burning effigy placed in front of the holo projector.

The hairs on the back of his neck prick up and the air gets thicker in the room, the taste of iron leaves a bitter taste in mouth. Sweat begins to run down his face as he shifts uncomfortably. A blue ghost appears on the projector. He sees a humanoid figure, wearing a white with black trim gown, complete with oversized hood casting its face in shadow, sat on a smooth black throne, there are dents on the end of the arm rests where a symbol or something has been torn off and a bloody three fingered hand print has been painted on the back of the throne. Purtish cannot see the face of the creature but he knows it is his master.

“F… forgive me sire…” Purtish is silenced as the creature holds a hand up, a long slender figure appears out of the sleeve. Purtish swallows hard, expecting the worst.

“Hush child,” the creatures voice soft and calming, “There are creatures out there that hide behind technology and the weak minds of others!”

“Their technology can’t save them forever.”

“And we will be there to embrace them into our ways. Did you manage to acquire any souls for our family?”

“No, we were met with heavy resistance. Even our back up ship was heavily defended, I am told that some of our brothers have managed to ascend their physical form.”

The creature is silent for a moment. “Do you get the information we need?”

“Negative sire, we do however know their next destination and you were right. They’re coming to our realm.”

“Good.” The creature waves his hand and the projection disappears leaving Purtish alone in the silence again.


Kassiel takes a bottle of a thick amber liquid from the communal bar and sits, by himself, at a tanble in the corner. He pours a small amount of the liquid into a short thick glass and puts the bottle on the table in front of him.

“This seat free? Good,” Calurit leaps over the high backed chair and floats gently onto the seat beside Kassiel.

“So much for having a quiet drink,” Kassiel sighs

“Yeah, we all know you love me really,” Calurit’s joke is answered by a thuggish fist in the arm “Ow! What you got there?” he asks, the pain already lost to him.


“You know I can take the information I need from you.”

“Just something I won that’s all, nothing special,” He wipes, what he thinks is, snot from his nose.

“What’s the mission for?” Calurit asks, having already taken the information from him.

“Don’t know, don’t care.”

“How the imperium hadn’t took you into the scholarium, I’ll never know.”

“What do you want Cal?”

Before he answers he looks round to make sure that no one is listening, “I need you to do me a favour.”

Kassiel mocks Caluirt by mimicking him “What?” he asks over exaggerating his excitement.

“There’s a psychic presence on this ship, it’s not very strong but it’s sporadic. The psyker has no control of their power.”

“Why are you telling me this?” The mocking tone now gone from his voice.

“You have connections on this ship, see what you can find out. Don’t let anyone know though, you know how the Feh’rins treat psykers.’

“I’ll see what I can do.”

After Aeryn had calmed down, Noran had dragged her over to a rather disgruntled Franklier’s office.

“So how did you wind up on a Xeno’s vessel?” Franklier asks as his shaking hand checks her pulse.

“I had to leave the imperium, I heard that the eastern fringe was a safe place to go,” she replies as she stares at Noran, “How could you leave us?”

“I saw the imperium for what it was, I wasn’t going to risk my life for some bureaucrat.”

“Why didn’t you tell us you was going to go?” she asks as her eyes start to water.

“Oh right and get shot?”

Aeryn looks away, “We were never the same after you left,” a single tear runs down her face.

“I didn’t want to leave them but I couldn’t tell them. I didn’t even want to tell Hauner but he figured something was up!”

“Can’t get anything past me,” Farnklier shouts up from behind a desk.

“Did anyone else know?” Aeryn asks

“Polar, Riza and Varis.”

“Are they still here?”

“We lost Varis before we got here. Thought he saw the commissariat when we had to stop at a fuelling station, took his own life while we were all sleeping. I was visiting Bursht when you had your little tantrum.”

“And her?” she asks with jealous venom lining her words.

“Still don’t like her then?

Her only response is a cold hard scowl.

“Hey polar, how are you feeling?” Riza asks as she drags a chair across the room.

“Well they’ve finally realised that there’s nothing wrong with me and that I’ve been lying here for what seems like a life time for no reason,” Bursht replies with a mixture of anger and sarcasm in his voice.

“You’re clever whit will be missed, I must say,” Riza jumps as ‘la Au’Taal Seit suddenly opens his eyes and joins the conversation, “For a gue’la you are awfully chatty.”

“Well seeing as you’ve been sleeping the majority of the time I’ve been here I thought I’d do all the talking for the both of us.”

Riza starts tapping her fingers on the corner of Bursht’s bed while the two patients continue their private conversation, she frowns as she tries to figure out if their comments are friendly banter or are lined with bitterness like childish enemies.

As the conversation continues Riza’s mind begins to wonder; she thinks back to her time in the imperium, as a flamer in the Taracktia 42nd ‘Jackals’. That was when she first met her captain, Noran Allucdia. She often thinks about the first day they met…

The war with the retched cultists, the ‘Ravenous fist’, had been going on for well over 4 years. Every time the Imperium managed to gain any ground, the enemy would appear out of nowhere and take and old section from them. The ‘jackals’ had been deployed in the desolated city of Wortive II for little over a month and since their arrival they had yet to see any action.

“Why are being made to watch over an empty city when we could be out there killing the treacherous scum?” Varis asked, his white blonde hair flowing in the wind.

“You’ve heard the stories, the enemy have been appearing out of nowhere and using areas we leave behind to strike counter attacks,” Colonel Alphonse Eedrect replies as he lowers his sniper after doing a sweep of the area, “If we don’t leave anyone behind then it’ll just keep on happening.”

Riza was sat in a pile of rubble that she had rearranged to form a mildly comfortable throne, since she was a flamer her skills in ‘crowd control’ were not needed. She had been given orders to watch the entrance to the rom that the Jackals currently vacated but since she was sharing this job with Doria, armed with her trusty twin shotcannons that were gifted to her by her father. Riza placed a lho stick between her soft red lips and used the pilot light of her flamer to light it.

“Thought you were goin’ to quit?” Doria asks as has a quick peak out of the door.

“I will at some point, you know bored makes me crave them.”

“Don’t let Varis catch you with that otherwise he’s won your bet.”

“I won’t.”

“Won’t what?” Varis asks as he appears in the stairwell, luckily he had not noticed Riza smoking, giving her enough time to throw the lho stick away.

“Nothing that concerns you, how’s it looking up there?” Riza asks as she gets up and looks out a window.

“Same thing we’ve been seeing ever since we got here,”

“Well at least can’t complain about being worked to death.”

“Incoming!!” they hear Eedrect shout.

They rush up the stairs to where the rest of their squad. In the corner Petier had set up his vox caster and was currently there manically flicking switches and turning dials.

“There’s a Valkyrie inbound, it appears to be from the commissariat,” Eedrect informs them.

“Got contact sir,” Petier shouts up, the headphone wire messily wrapped round his arms.

Eedrect walks over and pics up the vox mic “This is Colonel Alphonse Eedrect, please state your business.”

“Oh for throne’s sake Alphonse, we’re friendly. Just got a pup and smartarse to drop off that’s all. Feel up for some babysitting?” the soothing tones of Commissar Fiore put Eedrect at ease.

“Anything for you Fiore my dear, will you have time to enjoy a pot of Recafe with us? I’m sure Riza and Doria will be pleased to see you.”

“Tell the girls I miss them too but this is just a fleeting visit. We’ll be with you shortly. Fiore out”

Eedrect gave the mic back to Petier, a huge grin had now swept across Eedrect’s face as his old friend was coming for a visit.

Riza had missed her friend almost as much as her Colonel but she was never one to let her emotions to show, many of the squad claimed that Riza’s heart was a drift somewhere in the warp and it was only her stubborn nature that was keeping her alive.

“Fiore,” she nodded as the commissar walked down the ramp. Alongside the commissar was a tall, slender woman with fierce amber eyes. A few strands of red hair had fallen from under her hat which she quickly put straight with a leather gloved hand.

Behind the two commissars came a badly beaten soldier, his hands chained together and his combat fatigues had been almost torn to shreds. His dirty, blonde hair lankly falling over his piercing blue eyes, even in this beaten state Riza could see that he was strong spirited. He looked up and met her gaze, for the first time since she can remember, her face became hot as blood rushed to her cheeks. She felt exposed, as if she was on the receiving end of the dragon’s breath of her flamer.

“Alphonse it’s so good to see you,” Fiore says as she wraps her arms round the wiry, silver haired Colonel, “Riza, Doria I hope you’re both keeping out of trouble,” she gave them a cheeky wink.

“So what can we do for you?” Eedrect asked as he looked Fiore’s companions.

“You’ve been assigned a new soldier,” Fiore nods and the junior Commissar drags the soldier forward, “This was Major Allucdia from the Cursian 2nd.”

“Drop trooper ay? Riza take him to Franklier, tell him to give him the once over.” Eedrect says as Noran shambles over to her.

“On it sir.”

“What’s his story then?” Eedrect asks as RIza walks away.

“The ex-major has been charged with assault on a commanding officer, he was going to be shot but he is an excellent soldier and has served the imperium excellently so he was de ranked and re assigned. I chose you because I know you will whip him into shape. I have assign a junior to keep watch over him, this is ….”

Riza lead the dishevelled soldier off towards the doctor’s makeshift ‘surgery’.

“What did do?” she asks him only half expecting a response.

When he spoke his weaken façade almost disappeared, he walked with his head held high as if he wanted the commissars to think they had destroyed his spirit, “I saw the commander of another squad rape an innocent woman. He and some of his futting lackeys were going to take turns on her, so beat them to within an inch of their lives,” he spits blood on the floor “Fiore over heard them pleading me to stop and was going to shoot me until I explained what happened.”

“Yeah she’s got a kind heart on her, something that’s rare with commissars.”

“You should see the one that’s gotta watch over me, she’s a real treat.”…

“Riza!” she jumps as she is woken from her day dream by Bursht’s clicking fingers in her face.

“Sorry polar, was just thinking of something,” She leans back into her chair and pulls a bright orange star shaped fruit from her pocket. She puts her soot stained hand around one of the points and tears it off then throws it to Bursht.

“Did you want anything? Or is this is a fleeting visit?” he asks as he bites into the juicy fruit, blue juices ooze out of the fruit and into his white beard.

“Just came to see how you are.”

“So you haven’t heard then?”


“Aeryn’s here.”

Riza freezes on the spot, the piece of fruit falls out of her hand, staining her khaki green tank top. “What? Old starch arse is here?”


Kassiel walks back to his quarters stationed in the lowest deck of the Gue’las section of the deck. Since he’s a fighting member of the Tau’va he was given a nicer room higher up with the rest of the Gue’vessas but he gave the luxury up and opted to ‘slum it’ with the other gangers in the maintenance deck. As he reaches his room he notices the door has been left slightly open, on instinct he pulls out his trusty war knife that is always hidden in his waistband.

“Edd you in?” he asks as he slowly slides the door open, the blade pointing out in front of him.

Hearing no response his throws the door open and rushes in, hoping to catch the intruder off guard. The only response he gets is the panic from the suddenly woken Eddorin.

“Fug nuggets Kass you scared the crap outta me!” Eddorin states as he rubs his eye.

“How many times do I need to tell you to keep this door closed?”

“Sorry man, I was tired and I wasn’t thinking properly.”

“No you never do. What would’ve happened if one of those gòngfei came in? You know what those Feh’rins would do if they found you!”

“They won’t though, I’m hidden to them.”

“Are you sure? I’ve just spoke to that smug psyker bastard Calurit and he said he’s sensing you!”

“But I’ve dampened my powers, even the imperium wasn’t able to sense me.”

“Well he was an Eldar’s Biǎo zi, maybe that’s why. Just try and stay out of trouble, I promised your brother I’d take care of you when he died and you’re making it too difficult.”


Tilah had been fighting the urge to sleep for more cycles than he would like to think about. His shaking hand lifted the cup of pech café to his parched dry lips. His eyes stare vacantly at the empty wall in front of his desk. After he was left alone he spent the time talking to his dead mother but their reunion was short lived when a hooded figure slit her throat in front of him. Now he sits at his desk waiting for another vision to torment him.

Hasah knocks on the door patiently waits for a response.

“Yes,” he hears Tilah sigh from inside.

He waves his hand in front of the door to open it and walks in. He looks round and is shocked at the mess the tiny tau has made.

“Hello Hasah, h…how are y…you?” Tilah stammers as he shakily pours himself another drink.
Hasah stares at his friend and tilts his head, a soft and soothing hum comes from the back of his throat.

“What? Why don’t you just talk for Mont’at sake?” Tilah snaps at him, his gaze suddenly focused at him. Hasah’s shoulders sink but he does not comply with his friend’s demands, instead he begins to tidy up and straighten the room out.

“I’m sorry for snapping, I’m just … on edge all the time,” he gets up and walks into the bathroom and splashes water over his face. He leans on the sink and stares into the mirror, his eyes have dulled and thick black rings have appeared underneath them from stress and fatigue. “What’s happening to me?” he asks the old Kroot, “Hasah?” he leans out and looks round the room to find he is alone.

He splashes more water on his face and looks back up at the mirror. He stumbles back in fear as his reflection has disappeared and in its place is a swirling maelstrom of torment. Piercing screams fill the causing the tiles to crack and explode, the shards flying all around him, making tiny cuts across his face and body.

He runs back into his room, his arms held over head for protection, and bumps into the hooded creature.

“Wh… who are you? What do you want with me?” he asks the mysterious creature.

The creature stands there, silently watching him. He lifts his arms up and wraps them round the terrified Por’O. Tilah begins to scream as he is engulfed in darkness.

His body starts to shake violently, he feels pressure on his shoulders and looks up. Staring back at him is the purple grizzled face of Hasah’teruk his bodyguard and friend. Tilah looks round bewildered and frightened. “Wha…” confusion stopping him from finishing his sentence, he looks down and realises he is knees. He had, at some point, taken his top off and now streaks of purple blood trickles down his chest from tiny scratches he had made.

There is a knock at the door, Hasah looks over and opens it. Akt’ero, the shaper of the De’ech’haha kindered, enters the room carrying a bundle of dried, grey leaves that are releasing a thick orange smoke.

“Spirits show me cleansing is needed,” Akt’ero states in a gruff monotonous voice. The ash grey Kroot is a little taller than Hasah and is wearing a ceremonial head dress made from feathers and bones of creatures neither Tilah nor Hassah had seen. Akt’ero circles the room wafted the leaves around, tiny embers fall from the bunch with each movement.

“What are you doing?” Tilah asks the Shaper.

“This room is thick with fear, the spirits cannot fight the evil when the fear makes the evil strong.” He replies as he starts chanting in a combination of clicks and moans. His skin starts to shimmer a red hue and a sweet cinnamon type smell begins to fill the room. Akt’ero turns to face Hasah and hands him a small pouch of red stones. “The spirits miss you, youngling. Walk the spirit path once more or your mind magic will make you blind to your elder’s wisdom. I will watch the blue one.”


“How did you get here?” Franklier asks as he bathes the flesh around his bionic arm.

“We were stationed in a hive city in the eastern section of Imperial space, there been a chaos incursion which had almost engulfed the planet, there was something valuable there and so we had spent years fighting a losing battle. Something had happened, I had to get off the planet before it was too late so I made a deal with a smuggler.” Aeryn replies while she nurses a mug of recafe.

“What happened?”

“I...I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Ok, but you do know you’ll have to at some point. How did you manage to convince the smuggler to help you since you’re …”

“I disguised myself as a part of a noble’s retinue, they were fleeing the planet. You’d be surprised how easy it is to sneak into a group of slaves that hate their boss.”

“Did they bring you here?”

“Throne no, I found a little shuttle and convinced a pilot to take somewhere safe.”


“Do I do it any other way?” she gives him a wicked and cheeky grin “Anyway, the pilot said he’d heard there was a vessel out here that some xeno sympathisers had gone to, we followed a ship that eventually lead us to this monstrosity. We were caught in the middle of that fire fight; next thing I know I’m sat in a strange bed and Noran’s stood there.”

“And what’s your plans now?”

“Stay with you guys.”

“But you hate Xenos.”

“I’m not going back,” her voice softens as she starts to tremble, tears begin to slowly run down her face.

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