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Experimental Rules Lab Guidelines

Posted: Apr 08 2017 03:10
by Support Drone
Welcome to the Experimental Rules Lab, a sub-forum dedicated to crafting and discussing home-brewed rules for Warhammer 40K. Many different types of creations are welcome in the Lab, including:

  • Tau-themed custom units
  • Custom scenarios & missions
  • Longer narrative campaigns
However, this sub-forum is not an invitation to post any harebrained or crackpot idea that comes into your head. The Experimental Lab is held to the same post quality standards as the rest of the site. Ideally, this lab will be filled with final products indistinguishable from Games Workshop-grade material, custom rules that are clearly formatted, reasonably fluffy, and fleshed out with supporting graphics, illustrations, or models. "Wishlisting" or cross-over units are not allowed.