8th Edition Kill Team (Homebrew)

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8th Edition Kill Team (Homebrew)

Post#1 » Jun 27 2017 04:03

So, I know we have Shadow Wars, but I wanted to try putting something together using the 8th edition rules as a base. I figured I would post stuff here as I think of them or as people suggest things.

--- Rules ---

Definitions: Similar Models = Models drawn from the same Datasheet.

Movement: As 8th Edition except:
* - Coherency: Models of similar type in 2" coherency are considered to be a single Unit for rules purposes. Models outside coherency are considered Detached and functioned as their own unit. Models may join any unit of similar models as long as the unit does not increase in size beyond the maximum squad size listed in the datasheet.
Reason for this is mainly to allow for smaller units to move about, without completely breaking everyone into characters like Kill Team and Shadow Wars does.

Psychic: As 8th Edition

Shooting: As 8th Edition

Charge: As 8th Edition

Fight: As 8th Edition

--- Possible Changes ---
* Cover: Changing it to work better with a smaller environment.

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