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Re: Shadow Wars: Rules Feedback and FAQ

Post#37 » Apr 19 2017 12:14

BillyBones wrote:
Panzer wrote: Also I do think Pathfinder should stay a mid range team with some access to long ranged weaponry on their specialists so i'm against increasing the range on Carbines.

All I'm saying is that they should have been sustain 1 at current range.

That wasn't specifically directed at you.

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Re: Shadow Wars: Rules Feedback and FAQ

Post#38 » Apr 19 2017 01:28

ARC'Thunder wrote:
Peregrim wrote:Costs are derived from the WH40K codex. One pathfinder's cost (with standard equipment) is 10x the codex cost. I suppose there's a floating 5 pts, but I'm not sure I agree that the cost of our basic guns would need to be increased if its range was increased to match the typical basic range for SW:A.

While I agree to some extent about the points costs being derivative of 40k's own, I think we would benefit from using up that floating 5 points. I say this based on the points values of other factions' weapons. For example, the Skitarii radium carbines cost 35 points, benefit from the extra range, have the +1 to hit at short range, while having worse strength and no save modifier when compared to our own carbines.

EDIT: I might even suggest decreasing the points costs of our soldiers by 5, and compensate by using the net extra to add to the cost of the carbine. Skitarii fresh-forged are 65 points, and have a better WS, BS, I, Ld, and save over our pathfinder troopers. Mind, I don't know how much of our base cost might be an inbuilt "markerlight tax", but still, we have to be conscious of its high S and good save mod and can afford 5-10 points on a longer ranged carbine (and its ability to have increased range via accelerator drones).

That's a fair point about the cost of other faction's weapons, although I think the radium carbine may be overcosted. In WH40K, the radium carbine models (vanguard) are cheaper than the galvanic rifle models (rangers) - although they also lack the Move Through Cover special rule. The carbine also has more shots than the rifle, and it had an additional special rule (Rad Poisoning) which it lacks in SW:A (although it gains +1S instead).

Also, while a 30 point pulse carbine might be too strong in the hands of a Skitarii ranger who has better BS and can purchase equipment like red-dot sights, telescopic sights -- it might be fairly costed in the hands of a Tau pathfinder who is less accurate.

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Re: Shadow Wars: Rules Feedback and FAQ

Post#39 » May 12 2017 04:08

The official FAQ has been revised - you can grab it from here.

The big news is that Tau Pathfinder Kill Teams are now composed of 3-10 Pathfinders and an additional 3 Drones. Recon Drones have been bumped up to W2.

They have explicitly confirmed that the ion rifle shouldn't have an overcharged profile, Drones cannot advance (ignoring What Doesn't Kill You... results too) and Drone wargear functions whilst the bearer is down.

There's also confirmation that new recruits make up half by model count, so the 10+3 team means Tau can bring an extra 2 Cadets now. Leader, 2 specialists, 3 Drones, 7 Cadets is a valid penny-pinching team :)

Edit: Just spotted this was covered deep in another thread - apologies!

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