Firecaste Kill Team (house rules)

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Firecaste Kill Team (house rules)

Post#1 » Apr 14 2017 08:24

So, this is a thread where I am putting up ideas for a House rules kill team. They are not official, but really more of my own thoughts to make a more balanced yet still fluff filled kill team.

Starting team can't be more than 10 models (infantry and drones), max team can be up to 3 drones and 12 infantry models.

First up, the unit changes. (Before I post stats, is it okay to post that)
Shas'Vre Virtually the same as the team leader with some changes. Stat Changes: +1 BS, +1 Attack, and +1 Leadership
Same starting cost, but may take combat armor for an additional 25 Points. Same initial cost as team leader.

FireWarrior Veterans: Standard fire warrior stats with just a Leadership of 8 instead, they are essentially Shas'ui, the veterans, but not necessarily squad leaders. Base cost is 80 points. Replaces the role of standard troopers in the list.

Pathfinders replace the role of the cadets, so they are now the new recruits. Used the new recruits cost as well, since there was no real difference in stats or starting equipment, only in the ability to get skills. The idea now is that they are the new recruits and have to wait 3 games before become troopers.

0-2 Pathfinder Specialists. These are the normal specialists, nothing changed.

0-1 Firesight Marksman. (standard firewarrior stats, but just has a BS of 4, I felt the BS of 5 from the codex was a bit to much for a kill team list). Points cost is 120 points. Comes equipped with combat armor, combat blade, and adaptive targeting matrix. The adaptive targeting matrix is a specialized marker light with specialized drone controller. Must take a single Sniper drone for 80 points, and may have a pulse pistol for its standard points.

* the Adaptive Targeting matrix incorporates the rules for a marker light that are only useable by the sniper drone, allowing the wearer to light up a single target that only the sniper drone can shoot at, ignoring cover saves. It also gives the marksman the enhanced ballistic skill already included in its profile and allows the sniper drone to use the marksman's Ballistic skill when firing weapons. If the marksman has been downed or is taken out of action, the drone can still fire using its own Ballistic skill for the rest of the game.

** Sniper drone has standard drone stats, however taking the sniper drone doesn't count against your max 3 drones, and counts as a single model with the marksman for team rosters size, but counts as two separate models in play.

The sniper drone is equipped with drone armor, combat blade, and the long shot pulse rifle. If the marksman has been killed, the drone can not be fielded again until a new marksman has been purchased, while if the drone has been destroyed, it must be replaced in order to use it again.

Recon drone, grav inhibitor drone, and pulse accelerator drones are included in the roster, and nothing has changed.

Mv 36 Guardian Drone. 50 points, standard drone stats, comes with a drone armor and combat blade.
The MV 36 drone provides a 5+ invunerable save to itself and any friendly tau team member within 3" of the guardian drone.

Special Operatives are unchanged.

Skill list changes.
Pathfinders lose access to guerilla skill trees.
Fire warriors have access to guerilla skills, agility skills, and shooting skill trees.
Specialists are unchanged skill tree wise.
Marksman has access to the agility, shooting, and stealth skill tree lines.
Shas'vre has the same skills as the normal team leader.
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Re: Firecaste Kill Team (house rules)

Post#2 » Apr 14 2017 08:24

New weapons and Gear.

Pulse Rifle: Same stats as in the list, just 35 points, and fire warriors and Shas'vre have access to them.

Combat Armor: Fire warriors, marksman, and shas'vre have access.

Pulse Carbine, same stats, just now a sustained Fire Dice of 1.

Pulse Blaster: Short range Burst 0-5 inches, +1 to hit at short range, Str 6, dmg 1, -3 Save Mod, ammo roll of 5+
Normal Burst 6-15 inches, no modifiers at long range, str 5, dmg 1, -1 save, Ammo roll of 5+
Sustained Fire dice : 1

Long Shot Pulse Rifle: Short Range 0-18 inches -1 to hit at short range. Long range 18-48 inches. Str 5, dmg 1, -2 save, ammo roll of 7+
Has sniper rules.

Rail rifle, loses sniper, gains Aiming mode. Aiming mode, if the model chooses to remain stationary and fires at a target that has been targeted by a marker light, the strength of the weapon becomes str 7, becomes damaged 1 and gains an additional -1 save modifier.
The idea of this is when used in conjunction, the rail rifle can increase its velocity creating a more impactful but does less overall damage to the target.

Iron Rifle: Becomes str 7, but is reduced to a -2 armor save instead. This brings it more inline with the codex stats. It makes it more lethal but still not as effective as a rail rifle at long range.

Camo Gear: Same rules as in the rule book, same cost, but only pathfinder, shas've in recon armor and specialists are able to take it.

Telescopic sight. Same rules and cost, but only specialists have access to this upgrade.

Multitracker. 25 points. Multi trackers are systems designed to sort out multiple targets and keep track of them at higher velocities and usually incorporated into the helmets of the fire warrior cast members. This system gives the wearer a +1 Ballistic Skill (or perhaps I could make it ignoring running penalties, either would be beneficial and fluffy) Pathfinders, fire warriors, specialists and shas'vre have access to this.

Advanced targeting System: 25 points. This system is often incorporated in the helmets, or imbedded in the laser sights of the weapons itself. This system was designed to focus in on the target and provide a more accurate shot, even while on the move. The wearer gets to reroll failed to hit rolls once each round of shooting, but may not be used during overwatch shots. Pathfinders, fire warriors, specialists and shas'vre have access to this.

Drone Controller: 40 points Drone controllers were developed to make the drones more reliable and to allow the user to control multiple drones at once. This allows any drone within 3 inches of the wearer to use their ballistic skill instead of the drones when firing weapons. Shas'vre only.

All other gear options in the tau pathfinder list are still in this list, just not listed hear.

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Re: Firecaste Kill Team (house rules)

Post#3 » Apr 14 2017 08:53

these are just some of my initial ideas, based on rules from the codex as well as comparison to other weapons in the rule book for SWA. I would love to hear feedback, and suggestions, as I would like this to be the start of a community house list so we can access our fire warriors as well as our pathfinders.

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Re: Firecaste Kill Team (house rules)

Post#4 » Apr 14 2017 12:18

Overall I had very similar ideas, but I would leave out the firesight marksman. What I would do with ML is to have it give +2 bonus and make it cumulative, that way the first would negate cover and the second boosted the bs. With the advaced targetting system which normally boost overvatch, i would have it do exactely that, negate the penalty for overwatch. With the naming units I would go with shas' la as newbie with recon armour, shas ui as trooper can buy normal armour, pathfinder shas ui as specialist, allow up to 3 and restrict ML only to PF and the leader.

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