[FAQ] Unofficial ATT FAQs Compilation | Updated June 6th

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[FAQ] Unofficial ATT FAQs Compilation | Updated June 6th

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[FAQ] Unofficial ATT FAQs Compilation

[center]Originally begun by WideGrasp


Welcome to the Unofficial Advanced Tau Tactica Frequently Asked Questions Compilation. Why have a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions (henceforth refered as FAQ/FAQs)? My reasoning is twofold:
• By having a listing of FAQs in one place, we can cut down on multiple discussions about the same question.
• We can as a community (if no one volunteers, I will) every so often send the unanswered FAQs to Games Worskshop at Gamefaqs@gwplc.com with the hope they can answer them in the future in their Official FAQ and Errata Document.



1. Are you required to fill all the System Slots / Hard Points on a Battlesuit?
No. The relevant Army entries in the Codex just say you may have up to X Systems, not you must have X Systems.

2. May Sniper Drones use the thrust move during the assault phase?
Yes, see page 10 of the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook. Each model must stay in unit coherency though.

3. If markerlights were used to increase the BS of a model with a Blast Weapon with "Gets hot" (like the XV104 Riptide's Ion Accelerator or the Hammerhead's Ion Canon) to between 6 and 10, would the model be allowed to re-roll the "Gets hot!" role on a 1 because of the increased BS?
Yes, see page 37 of the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook. Rolls of 1 on Blast Weapons with "Gets hot!" can be rerolled due to BS6+.

4. Can Missile Drones and Shielded Missile Drones be affected by a Drone Controller system?
No, see page 68 of Codex: Tau Empire. Only Gun Drones, Marker Drones, and Sniper Drones can be affected by this system.

5. Can Independent Characters be joined to units of Monstrous Creatures that can consist of more that a single model (such as Riptides)? If yes, must you have taken the option for additional models to do so, or is the presence of the option sufficient?
Yes, see page 39 of the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook. The rules only excludes Independent Characters from joining a unit that always consists of a single model.

6. Can you take more than one of the same weapon system? i.e. can a suit take both a Twin Link and Standard version of the same weapon system, 2 Twin Linked version of the same weapon system, or two non-Twin Linked nked versions of the same weapon system?
Yes, as long as you pay the appropriate costs. See the official Games Workshop Errata/FAQ document.

7. Does the Disruption Pod grant +1 Cover Save (as per page 72 of the Codex) or Stealth (as per the foldout at the end of the Codex)?
It grants 1+ to your cover save, not Stealth. See the official Games Workshop Errata/FAQ document.

8. Does the "Counterfire Defense System" allow Drones affected by the bearer's "Drone Controller" to fire at BS 1, BS 2, or bearer's BS during Overwatch?
They fire at BS 1, see pages 13 and 21 of the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook. Overwatch shots be in the form of snap fire shots and snap fire shots must be resolved at BS 1. When you Snap fire, your BS doesn't change, so the "Counterfire Defense System" doesn't change your BS to 2, it just lets you resolve your Overwatch shots at BS 2.

9. Can Jetpack Infantry that has gone to ground can still use its Jetpacks to make a Thrust Move during the assault phase?
No, see page 18 of the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook. Going to ground prohibits any kind of move.


1. What purpose does Supporting Fire have on Shield Drones? See here

2. Monstrous Creatures and models with a Multitracker system are both allowed to fire 2 weapons in the shooting phase. If you find yourself shooting outside of the shooting phase (such as due to overwatch or Interceptor), can the model still fire 2 weapons? See here

3. Is the "Point Defense Targeting Relay" required on vehicles in order to allow attached drones to fire overwatch? See here

4. Regarding "Supporting Fire", does a player need to declare which units are firing overwatch using this rule, before any rolls to hit are made? If a unit was charged but another unit using supporting fire removed the charging unit before the unit being charged used overwatch, may the unit that was previously charged use supporting fire for another unit being charged? See here

5. Does the Fleet granted by Vectored-Retro Thrusters allow a re-roll on a thrust move? See here

6. Although Crisis bodyguards require at least 1 Commander in the same army, does the Commander need to join the bodyguard squad, or can they be taken as two separate units? See here

7. Does a Target Lock support system (and Shadowsun's XV22 Battlesuit) allow a model firing overwatch to fire at a target other than the charging unit? See here

8. Does the Automated Repair system affect more than just the bearer? See here

9. In the instance that a vehicle wishes to expend a Markerlight token in it's shooting phase, after having Moved Flat out (and obviously having no shooting target), in order to fire a Seeker Missile, which target (if any) is legal? See here

10. Since Feel No Pain and the Paradox of Duality are not saves but simply rolls that disregard unsaved wounds, if Aun'Va is benefiting from "Sense of Stone" would he get to roll for both abilities for each unsaved wound? See here

11. Does the Positional Relay require it to be on the table at the start of the turn in order for it to work (like a Homing Beacon)? See here

12. Is an Ethereal in a transport considered to have a Movement Phase so it can use Invocation of the Elements? See here

13. If a model with a Blast weapon uses Markerlight to Ignore Cover and the weapon scatters into a different model, would the weapon still Ignore Cover? See here

14. Can the Supporting Fire rule be used to Overwatch when Allies of Convenience and Desperate Allies are the target of an enemy charge, or does the ability only apply to Battle Brother allies? See here
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Re: The Unofficial ATT FAQs Compilation | Updated June 6th

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The Academy Article above is a living document. It will continue to be updated as our forces develop new tactics and strategies.

Please visit the discussion related to the above article here.

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