[Resource] Shadow Ops & Kill Team parts

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[Resource] Shadow Ops & Kill Team parts

Post#1 » Apr 11 2017 10:25

Since Shadow War Armageddon offers so many opportunities for modeling unique infantry characters I thought it would be good to create a resource for cataloging ideas for various bits that can be used within kill teams.

If people want to list parts they are finding useful we can compile a set of images and info on what specific kits or models they are found with.

GW Parts:

Tau Pathfinders Pistols, Pouches, Grenades, Ammo Clips


Space Marine Scouts (regular squad) Pouches, Grenades, Climbing Gear


Space Marine Scout Snipers Pouches, Grenades, Ammo Bandoliers


Space Marine Tactical Squad Pouches, Knives



Space Marine Legion MKIV Tactical Squad Knives with Belt Pouch


Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarians Pouches


Warhammer Fantasy High Elf Shadow Warriors Cloaks, Pouches


3rd Party:
Victoria Miniatures Cloaks


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Re: [Resource] Shadow Ops & Kill Team parts

Post#2 » Apr 11 2017 11:35

Though rarer to find these days, you may come across these on eBay (Part of my original cityfight team in White Dwarf). This was an article made before ANY accessories were avaiable to Tau. :)

Accessory Options

Warhammer Dwarf Thunderer Regiment
The Dwarf Thunderer kit has a myriad of perfectly sized pouches and bags. Merely shave off certain details or add a bit of Greenstuff. It is worth browsing the whole Dwarf plastic range for further bags.

Warhammer Bretonnian Men at Arms & Empire Handgunners Regiment
Shave off the bird detail and you have fitting slim pouch, otherwise the elongated gunpowder pouches of the Empire Handgunners work just as well against the narrow hip line of tau firewarrior models.

Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard & Ork kits
You can obtain the small pouches from the Ork Boyz kit (top left). The three alternate pouches and bags are from the new Catachan Command kit. The Smoke Launcher is from the IG Vehicle Accessory Sprue (which I personally clip and turn into Seige Grenades.. see below)

Warhammer 40k Space Marine & Scout kits
Probably the most obvious source of pouches. You can shave the larger SM pouches in half to make a better fit, but some shaving on the under side to match the smaller torso of a Firewarrior is required. Same with the smaller pouches, except the Scout pouch set (bottom left). You can raid the Space Marine Scout bikers and standard Scout squad boxes for more pouches but it gets fiddly with all the extra Imperial grenades.

Accessories Applied
[Work In Progress images of several Shas'Ui and Shas'la]

Image Image Image
XV8 Helm neck with Tau Sensor Aerial (Drone controller) Dwarf Thunderer ammo pouches and shaved Marine Ammo satchels

Image Image Image
Dwarf Warrior Kit pouch & Dwarf Thunderer ammo pouches. Modified Imperial Guard Tank Smoke Launcher (aforementioned Siege Grenade)

The key thing you notice is, these bags and pouches come from Warhammer kits that contain miniatures with slender and small torsos. Just like a Firewarrior. Little if any shaving is required to nestle these about the belt line of a Shas'la. There are several more available among these suggestions, however these offerings are the more readily acquired and used.

Obtaining Parts:

This is the more interesting part. How to get your little blue modifying mitts on these goodies. There are several ways. You could buy the boxed sets that contain each of these parts. Whilst you will certainly net every single accessory therein, I suspect your wallet will be catatonic thereafter. Never despair, particularly when an Aun is near, for there are some alternate and more concise (read:cheaper) options to try. A measure of patience and politeness helps this endeavour no end when taking this alternate path.

The wonders of the Internet provide Trading & Swap forums and also dedicated Bitz sellers. The following is a list of recommended sites (most require an account for authentication and shipping) for you to browse and markerlight parts for deep striking your mitts upon :

    BitzBox.co.uk [Link]
    A well known and established Bitz trader. A good first stop to look for these parts. Posts globally. (I have used this service many times)
    Bits and Kits [Link]
    Another well known Bitz trader based in the UK. Posts globally.
    The Combat Company [Link]
    An Australian Bitz trader that provides 40k bitz only. Posts globally. (I have also used this service many times)
    Wargame Bits [Link]
    Well known trader website, large and diverse selection. Posts globally.
    The WarStore [Link]
    Another well known bitz trader website. Posts globally.
    JNBits [Link]
    British parts trader. Posts globally.
    The Rogue Market [Link]
    A parts trading community covering several ranges.
    BarterTown [Link]
    Quite a large parts trading community that also covers several ranges.
    Ebay [Link]
    One of the more obvious places to start. Discounts abound, but often not as concise as the above.

Also don't forget to browse ATT's Online Buyers Guide, it covers various sellers across the internet with ATT Member's purchase thoughts.

Why stop at just modifying your Shas'la there? Why not add Auxiliary Accessories too?
Check out ATT's Player Created Auxiliaries Guide.
Or if you think that's a bit much and would rather throw about some mercenary enticing coinage;
Check out ATT's Alternate Alien and Ally Miniatures Guide.

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Re: [Resource] Shadow Ops & Kill Team parts

Post#3 » Apr 12 2017 01:29

Can't take proper pics but imo the Kroot kit has some nice stuff worth looking as well. ;)

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