Upcoming T'au Codex

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Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#1 » Jul 05 2017 10:52

So what is everyone hoping will come in the new T'au codex? We've got Stratagems, warlord traits, etc. Potentially even new models?

What does everyone think?

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#2 » Jul 05 2017 11:24

Strategems and some 'Sept Tactics'.

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#3 » Jul 05 2017 11:36

New units in the codex? Probably yes.
Actual new models? Maybe just a few update for the auxiliaries and maybe yet another suit.

Honestly not that excited yet...

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#4 » Jul 05 2017 12:20

Our codex likely won't be until next year. Also we know there is something big coming next year for Tau now. The rumors of an IoM focus for the rest of this year have been shown to be correct. However lady atia did not give a date as to when the Tau will be getting "a themed release of stuff that is not directly part of the Empire".

Another rumour who is less reliable than her is now looking more likely. He said GW wants to focus on xenos who have not had an update in a long time for new models in the first part of the year. So orks, Tyranids, and Necrons ect. Then she said Tau are getting stuff so some time next year we will have our big update no doubt. One possibility is we see all the codices remaining dropped before any major releases or possibly along side some. So we could get the Tau codex early in the year but the big model release later especially if it accompanies its own codex.

At any rate we should be patient for Tau. The question is when for Tau not if. Lady Atia's rumors tend to be at most a year out or a little bit more I've never seen one go further than that. So that puts a date in the second half of 2018. Lady Atia has a 100% correct rumour rate and has never been wrong.

This is a good thing. It will give me a year to work on my existing Tau army and add in stuff good in 8th and just increase my options in general with existing model range since most of this year was Ta'unar project. Also a start on Kharadron Overlords.

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#5 » Jul 05 2017 12:37

I like the emphasis on the subfactions.
We might really see some sept-specific tweaks to some units and <SEPT>-Keywords might have an heavy impact on list buildings.

edit: Oooooh, and return of our signature systems? Oh yes.

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#6 » Jul 05 2017 02:26

I think it is very likely we will see the return of our signature systems I believe GW wanted to test the waters on units before they start making army specific relics.

I'd also like to see sept specific rules as well.

Also I don't mind having a codex after all the other armies get theirs the power creep we seen in 7th proves that being the early bird may be more of a hinderance then a blessing.

also I believe it will be by the end of the year we get our codex. GW will probobly want all the army's to have a rules set before the LVO. Which is basically now the 40k world championship.

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#7 » Jul 05 2017 03:17

What I expect, almost demand to see is signature systems.

What I would love to see is (but have little hope of seeing)

- wargear drones getting back to being part of the unit as what's happening now strikes me as totally nonsensical
- markerlights turning Tau into an elite shooting army instead of just a decent one
- point adjustments

Not particularly enthused with the concept of Sept tactics, to the point I want less of them, not more of them. I'm actually kind of astonished to see people liking the concept of things like Longstrike only buffing T'au Sept units. Why on earth would anyone playing Tau find that to be a good idea?

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#8 » Jul 05 2017 04:00

https://www.warhammer-community.com/201 ... ge-post-2/

Most important points for me:
Are the rules changing?
Yes, many units’ rules in their codexes will alter from those in the indexes. Sometimes this is to better represent the miniatures and the background, sometimes to balance the game, and sometimes to better fit with the army’s new special rules in the codex itself. In all cases, these will then supersede the rules for that datasheet in the index book.

Are the points changing?
Yes, some units’ points for matched play games will change. This sometimes represents feedback from you guys playing games out there in the world, more playtesting, or sometimes because the unit now has new abilities or synergizes differently with new units and abilities in the codex.

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#9 » Jul 05 2017 05:29

Vehicle upgrades... That is all.

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#10 » Jul 05 2017 05:32

I hope we see Kel'shan and all the other septs expanded upon in the lore. Kel'shan right now is notorious for two things. Xenos hating people, and high tech weapons. It would be a neat ability to pay points to put signature systems on regular suits or even allow the commander to buy one extra or something along those lines.

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#11 » Jul 05 2017 10:31

I've heard there's a good chance of non traditional Tau units being released with the new Codex. Makes sense considering we've had all the new suits plus crisis/broadside/FW/PF resculpts.

I'm thinking Vespid and perhaps Kroot getting models. Demiurge....possible but not probable. I personally don't think Kroot need new models but the vespid are in sore need.

Wishlisting side -
Need vehicle upgrades back.
Lower cost on crisis suits
Redos of FW and shield drone goofs.
Points drop on some of our bigger suits.
*As your Rules Laywer, I advise you against that action

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#12 » Jul 05 2017 11:01

Point re-balance is probably a given, as the index was just a stop-gap measure.

Would love to see some signature systems.
Vehicle upgrades.
Some new units.
SEPT specific units or unit types... i mean c'mon, we have like a bazillion different SM chapters with different flavours.

This is very controversial... BUT
I'd like to see crisis suits drop in cost but be restricted to 2 weapons + 2 support systems. With commanders being restricted to 3 weapons, 2 support systems and 1 signature system.

This would make suits more common, and more interesting than just the glass cannon spam we currently have.

New support systems:

upgrades giving JSJ
Unit buffs

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#13 » Jul 06 2017 03:07

I really think that the whispered new tau race have something to do with the 4th expansion... sept rule could be intresting

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#14 » Jul 06 2017 04:06

Lechai Skull wrote:This is very controversial... BUT
I'd like to see crisis suits drop in cost but be restricted to 2 weapons + 2 support systems. With commanders being restricted to 3 weapons, 2 support systems and 1 signature system.

This would be fantastic, as long as the drop in cost decrease made it worth it. Seeing some nice, valuable systems on suits would be really nice.

Also, my #1 sad little wishlist request: SOMEHOW make Fireknives competitively viable again. They were THE iconic Tau unit.

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#15 » Jul 06 2017 05:23

-Signature systems must return and preferably buff all units in 6"... :P
-Points reduction of Riptides (their cost is actually a bad joke...) and :
-Redo of Nova-abilities (how stupid is it that the pilot of a high tech battlesuit AUTOMATICALLY kamikaze-hurts himself, when he activates the reactor???????????????? BANZAAAAAAAAIIII!!!! Thats ORKISH!!)
-Either a significant change of the markerlight mechanic (the 2nd bad joke of the index-if God listens to my prayers then PLEEEEEASE: let GW return to the old ML-mechanic.) or BS3+ as the new standard Tau BS (remember Eldar from 5th to 6th: all of a sudden the whole race was shooting better than before...), because:
-Tau were an elite shooting army, or better: a selective elite shooting army. At the moment, especially when they lose lifepoints, Tau are subpar...a "shooting" army that is mediocre at best.... C´mon GW: SHOOTING is all we have, let us do what we do best!
-Give the suits the possibilty to jsj again. Together with their selective buffs THIS was the most fun part to play Tau... no this WAS Tau. At the moment the whole playstyle appears half-baked and veeeery rough around the edges. I really do hope that GW listens to their clients and reads ATT...
-Oh yes: please give our Sniper Drones their Mortal Wound when a 6 is rolled (the 3rd bad joke of the index: it´s the only sniper weapon in the game that doesn´t inflict an MW on a 6...TOTALLY ridiculous and USELESS!!!)
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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#16 » Jul 06 2017 06:10

To me the Sept specific rules through means of specific detachments would be a big "No thank you" or with any other rules. Though maybe they find something inovotive to which I can find myself. But for me I experienced the specific Battalions already with Stormcast Eternals and I build/painted 1 of the Stormhosts that wasn't one of the battalions mentioend with synergy rules.. And I'll be damned if I repaint my models to suit that style, and I am one of those players that would like to keep story/background and game rules matching together so I'll never use those battalion rules.

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#17 » Jul 06 2017 06:36

My wishlist:

JSJ for a CP - means it's not common and therefore time consuming, but you can still pull off cool manoeuvres every now and then.

A points break for suits that take varied weapons. Or read it as a points penalty for multiples of a weapon. Lets encourage diversity in a unit that can take diverse options.

Viable Hammerheads without Longstrike. I can't remember such a must-have character in my wargaming history. Allowing a Hammerhead to take a single Markerlight would be interesting, and as was said above, wargear options.

(Good) Tetras in the codex. 3 Markerlight shots sounds sensible.

Carbines with Ignore Cover. Given the advantages of a Pulse Rifle now combined with the current cover rules it would make it imo the closest decision the two weapons have been probably since the first codex.

Increase the cost of Gun Drones. Let's face it - it has to happen.

Vehicle Burst Cannons with 24" range.

Homing Beacons not limited to 1 per turn.

Crisis Suits with 3 weapon slots and 1 hardpoint.

Slightly cheaper Broadsides.

Firesight Marksmen either:
Affect all drones, or:
Up to 3 per slot, able to deploy separately.

The Markerlight table. I would drop 2 - have Seekers have their own rule that says they can only shoot at a Marked target. Mt table would thus look as follows:
1) Reroll 1s (as it is)
2) No penalty for moving and firing. Would instantly help our expensive Crisis, Broadside and Hammerheads etc, as well as helping us get more Markerlights on the unit.
3) No cover bonus. Situational still, but equates to ap-1 for the whole army, which is incredibly powerful against the right target.
4) +1 to hit. An effort to get to, and rewarded by a huge boost.
5) +1 to wound. Again, a great bonus, but it means similar abilities can be removed from those essential Sept specific characters such as Longstrike and Darkstrider. At the moment I can see people sticking to T'au Sept just because those are so crucial to some units.

Crucially - Seeker missiles with variable profiles:
As per SMS with R72",
Same as Destroyer Missiles - ie D3 Damage.
(No idea what Destroyer Missiles should be)

Little grey man in a personal flying saucer that can deny the witch. (Hey - it's my wishlist)

Finally - the Tau race when introduced added a theme to the setting that seem to have been neglected - that of a modern army. Tanks with proper stabillisers. Precise application of firepower rather than quantity. Ways of fighting that either minimise or eliminate friendly casualties. It seems that we are in danger of being a 'bucket 'o' dice' army.

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Re: Upcoming T'au Codex

Post#18 » Jul 06 2017 07:01

* My 'sensible guesses' list;

- Unless I've missed something, the JetPack keyword currently does nothing, I suspect we may get an ability linked to that in the codex.

- Signature Systems.

- Fixing how 'Saviour Protocols' works, specifically with shield/guardian drones.

- Increasing Plasma weapons strength (The fluff originally stated, slightly weaker so it doesn't get hot, now regular plasma weapons don't get hot unless overcharged and out plasma is still weaker, why?)

* My 'I wish' list;

- New weapons

- LOADS of new fluff

- A new race (Would have to be from the 5th sphere expansion, as apparently the 4th sphere just disappeared in the warp storms)

- make our elite units not terrible shots, the jump from 2+ hits on HQ's to 4+ on everything else including elite guys inside giant mechs full of tech seems.... odd.

- Some sort of 'anti psyker' tech (just as the necrons built warp dampening pylons on Cadia, a Pariah drone or something similar would be nice to at least help us defend against attacks in that phase we don't get. I'm looking at you Smite).

* My 'Please don't (but they probably will)' list;

- 'Fixing' commander spam by increasing their cost instead of adjusting the regular XV8's cost or increasing their BS

- Making <Sept> specific rules. Yes Marines come in 50 different flavours, but that is also stupid. A different paint job shouldn't change your stats or abilities.

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