What has been your favorite "Bad" list to play in 8th pre codex?

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What has been your favorite "Bad" list to play in 8th pre codex?

Post#1 » Feb 13 2018 09:57

It's no mystery that T'au were not in a strong place at the start of 8th. Enough so that I enjoyed playing outrageous/bad/trolly lists more than spamming Commanders and Drones. Even if my favorite list is spammy, its spamming a bad unit. What is your favorite list in 8th that is clearly "bad" to play?

3 outrider detachments 1500pts (1449)
3x3 piranha burst cannon 2 seeker missile (729 pts)
3x2 piranha fusion blaster 2 seeker missile (492 pts)
2x6 and 1x7 marker drone (gotta use those seeker missles) (152)
3x fireblade (126)

Very fast, very silly fun. and any magnus/mortarion etc unit, if i get to go fist, is going to take ~12 mortal wounds in the face turn 1, helping my case.

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Re: What has been your favorite "Bad" list to play in 8th pre codex?

Post#2 » Feb 13 2018 12:59

Way back before the first big FAQs came out revamping shield drones (and before I realized that Sense of Stone didn't effect drones) I had a small point CQC list featuring flamersuits + a Drone Contoller, a mob of shield drones, an ethereal, and a couple strike teams for support.

The idea was to get up in the enemy's face right at the beginning, flamers and rifles blazing, then charge the shield drones right into their lines. The DC allowed the drones to hit even in melee on 4+ (it does say add 1 to any hit rolls). Next turn, fall back behind Crisis suits in such a way that after shooting phase can use saviour protocols while crisis suits charge into melee. Next turn, suits fall back and drones charge again, repeating the cycle and not allowing the enemy's troops to ever really get to fire during shooting phase, all the while using Sense of Stone to boost the drones' and suits' defenses.

This was, again, a low points game, and also utilized a rule I hadn't quite gotten right, but it sure was frustrating to play against the layered retreating CQC line strategy.

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Re: What has been your favorite "Bad" list to play in 8th pre codex?

Post#3 » Feb 13 2018 05:10

I like to play the following 2000 point list:
Taunar supremacy with 2x tri-axis ion cannon and pulse ordnance multi driver

In 7e I played a full drone army with a buffmander and a drone net, but that's dead in 8e :/

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Re: What has been your favorite "Bad" list to play in 8th pre codex?

Post#4 » Feb 14 2018 12:22

The first game of 8th I played was a slightly adapted list from 6th as I only ever played 1 game of 7th (don't blame me for the bad detachment layout I was new to the way if thinking and just wanted to get into the game)

Battalion detachment
Commander 2 missile pod, fusion blaster and shield generator
Commander 2 plasma gun 1 fusion blaster and target lock

3x6 firewarriors

3 XV8 with 2 missile pods and ATS
3 XV8 with 2 plasma guns and shield generator
3 XV8 with fusion blaster and 2 missile pod

5 Pathfinders

Broadside with HRR and SMS with velocity tracker

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