The Heavy Retribution Cadre and Turbo-Boost

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The Heavy Retribution Cadre and Turbo-Boost

Post#1 » Aug 19 2016 07:19


I'm curious on what y'all are thinking regarding the rules as written of the "Monsoon of Destruction" special rule for the Heavy Retribution Cadre. It neglects to mention turbo-boost, explicitly preventing only run and flat-out moves. I'm wondering if this was deliberate.

As written, it's pretty clear: bikes and jetbikes are in the clear. This would be to my chagrin as I believe my upcoming match against a Ravenwing Command Squad/Iron Hands/Company of the Great Wolf Deathstar list -- all mounted, turbo-boosting 4D6 every turn, usually culminating in a turn 2 charge -- is hinged on the cadre's ability to slow the star's movement.

I would contend that, as intended, this form of shooting-phase movement would too be stopped by the formation; why would bikes and jetbikes specifically be protected when all other unit types are affected, simply because their shooting-phase movement is labeled differently? It seems sensible to me that GW intended to preclude all varieties of shooting-phase movement.

Then again, I'm dismayed they didn't include this in the recent FAQ draft...

Have any of you encountered this dilemma?

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Re: The Heavy Retribution Cadre and Turbo-Boost

Post#2 » Aug 19 2016 07:44

The RAW is pretty clear as you already noticed. They still can turbo boost. However their charge range still gets halfed iirc.

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Re: The Heavy Retribution Cadre and Turbo-Boost

Post#3 » Aug 19 2016 01:46

Given that GW is in the middle of FAQs, I would send them an email post haste about this question. It's a good one and worth putting in an FAQ (or errata).


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